Minecraft items grass block.png Potato King was substantially changed or deleted. This article is preserved for historical reasons.
Potato King
SkyBlock npcs potato king.png
Category NPC
Minecraft items hopper.png Merchant
SkyBlock icons x.png No
SkyBlock items abiphone x plus.png Abiphone
SkyBlock icons x.png No
Minecraft items compass.png Location
Hub 8 70 -104

The Potato King was an NPC found in the Hub near the Map of Skyblock. He appeared after the Great Potato War to grant players a Potato Talisman and give prizes to the 1000 players with the highest Potato collection.

Technoblade won the war and was given the Potato Crown, while im_a_squid_kid finished second in the war and was granted the Potato War Silver Medal. Every other player in the top 1000 Potato collection was granted a Basket Of Hope From The Great Potato War.


  • The skin is of Technoblade, the winner of the Great Potato War, holding a potato.


Date Version Change
June 21st, 2020 N/A Potato King Added.