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Category NPC
Minecraft items hopper.png Merchant
SkyBlock icons x.png No
SkyBlock items abiphone x plus.png Abiphone
SkyBlock icons x.png No
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Jacob is an NPC inside the Farmhouse who is in charge of Jacob's Farming Contests. The contest can reward players a Medal and Jacob's Tickets that can be exchanged for items at Anita. To access Jacob, you need to be Farming X.


Not High Enough Farming Level
  • Howdy!
  • I organize farming contests once every few days!
  • You need Farming X to participate! :)
High Enough Farming Level
  • Howdy! Fine day eh?
  • You wouldn't happen to be one mighty farmer eh?
  • Well, well! I coordinate a farming contest every few SkyBlock days, eh?
  • Check ye calendar eh? Or better yet, click me to learn more, eh!
After Event
  • The Farming Contest is over!
  • Let me count the final results eh?
Earned a Medal
  • You earned a (medaltype) medal in the (collection) contest!
Didn't get a Medal
  • You didn't earn a medal, but you may claim a participation reward in the (collection) contest!
Subsequent Dialogue
  • Come see me in the Hub to claim your reward!
Failed to get results
  • Uh oh! Couldn't figure out how well ya did!
  • Come see me in the hub anyway!


Jacob's Farming Contests
What Is This?Instructions

Every 3 SkyBlock days, I hold a
contest for 3 farming

The contests last 1 SkyBlock
day. (20 minutes).

The top players who
increase their collection the
most earn Jacob's Tickets
and unique rewards!

Co-ops do NOT pool their collection!

You may participate in 1
collect contest per event!

Minions do not count in
Upcoming ContestsSchedule

Late Summer 24th
Nether Wart
Sugar Cane

Late Summer 27th
Nether Wart

View this info in your full
SkyBlock calendar!
Claim Your Rewards!Previous Contests

You participated in 0
previous contests.

Medals inventory:


Date Version Change
November 6th, 2020 0.9.11 Jacob Added.