Jerry's Workshop
SkyBlock renders jerrysworkshop.png
Category Zone
SkyBlock items fairy soul.png Fairy Souls 5
Requirements None
SkyBlock sprite npcs player jerry.png Occupants


Jerry's Workshop is a location on the Winter Island. It can be accessed during the Season Of Jerry event, which occurs every SkyBlock winter. When this event is active, players may travel to Jerry's Workshop through their SkyBlock Menu or by talking to Jerry in the Hub or at their Private Island. There is no skill requirement to access Jerry's Workshop.

Each SkyBlock year, 20 White Gifts are generated throughout Jerry's Workshop at varying locations. If a player collects all 20 of these gifts, they can receive 1 Green Gift as a reward by talking to St. Jerry. An item called the Gift Compass exists to help find White Gifts.


There are multiple events that are held on this island, such as Gifts, Mount Jerry and Chicken Race.

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Date Version Change
December 17th, 2019 0.7.5 Jerry's Workshop Added.