The Park
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Category Zone
SkyBlock items fairy soul.png Fairy Souls 11
Minecraft items empty map.png Travel Scrolls Travel Scroll To The Park
Travel Scroll To Howling Cave
Travel Scroll To Jungle Island
Requirements Foraging Level 1
SkyBlock sprite npcs player jerry.png Occupants
Minecraft items crafting table.png Resources
Mob Drops


The Park serves as a Foraging Island where players can chop down trees in order to get Foraging Skill XP and logs depending on the wood type chopped.

The Park also contains various NPCs such as the Melancholic Viking which when pleased, sells exclusive items like the Raider Axe.

There are 5 different sections that players can travel through using jump pads, each containing different types of trees.

Players can also obtain Mango Dyes with a 0.00001Exactly 1/10m% chance to be obtained, from breaking any log while in The Park.


Zone Description Coordinates
Birch Park A place where Birch trees can be found. A river flows through part of this area where players can fish. Players can buy rain from Vanessa which enables Squids to naturally spawn. The entrance of the Howling Cave can be found behind the waterfall. -276 82 -13
Howling Cave A place accessed by blowing up a cracked wall hidden behind a river, includes Pack Spirit, Howling Spirit & Soul of the Alpha mobs. -335 89 -55
Spruce Woods A place where Spruce trees can be found. The Melancholic Viking and Gustave's Woods Race are also found here. -335 89 -15
Dark Thicket A place where Dark Oak trees can be found, the Trials Of Fire quest line can also be found at the edge of the island. -353 103 -23
Savanna Woodland A place where Acacia trees can be found, includes Melody and the Master Tactician Funk. -379 110 -19
Jungle Island A place where Jungle Trees can be found, the start of the Romero & Juliette quest can also be found at the edge of the island. -406 120 -39


  • The Romero & Juliette quest was found to be one of the most expensive quests for a very small reward when The Park update was first released, but now with the new economy it's very worth it for it's cost.
  • The max tier of the Campfire Badge (Trial Of Fire quest talisman - Level 30) has only been achieved by a few players without the use of bugs.
  • Clicking the flower potLocated at: X: 307 Y:83 Z: 18 in the Birch Park with a flower for a few minutes without stopping will award the "Empty Flower Pot?" Achievement


Date Version Change
June 11th, 2019 SkyBlock Release Foraging Islands Added.
October 27th, 2019 0.7.3 "Sky of Trees" music track Added.
November 12th, 2019 0.7.4 Foraging Islands revamped and changed to The Park.
November 8th, 2021 Minor Patch Fixed the "Sky of Trees" music track not playing.
March 1st, 2022 0.12.3 Mango Dye can now be dropped from breaking any log.