Private Island
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The Private Island is the first island that the players see upon entering SkyBlock. Players can build freely at this location, as well as place Furniture, Minions and Portals. The original size of every Private Island is 160x160 blocks, however it can be upgraded further into the game. You can access this location through your SkyBlock Menu's Travel page or by typing /is in the chat.

The Beginning

At the start of every player's journey, their Private Island will look the same way - two islands, one with a tree (where player spawns), another with a Cobblestone Minion, Hub Portal, Jerry and a starting chest. The quests that appear on the player's screen will guide them through the first few tasks that will help them to accustom themselves with the world of SkyBlock.

Jerry is an NPC that will tell you about the latest SkyBlock updates and deliver lost items through the deliveries page (only items lost due to server lag). You can also change the player island settings, change island biome, and move the Jerry through the NPC's menu.

Minecraft items chest.pngStarting Chest

Island Builds

Many players have started utilizing various builds that help them throughout their SkyBlock progression, such as auto-sorters, auto-brewers, farms and cobblestone generators. Some creative individuals even decided to build pixel art on their Private Island!


Every night (except the first one), similarly to vanilla Minecraft, Mobs will spawn in the places with low light level on your Private Island. Their level is decided based on the player's Combat level, so even in the later stages of the game they should be taken into account.

However, players can prevent mobs from spawning by placing a Repelling Candle or a Day Saver on their island.


There are various Furniture items that players can place on their Private Island. Some have purely cosmetic purposes (Tiki Torch, Beach Ball), while others can help you store items (Wood Chest+) or level up certain skills (Enchanting Table).

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Size Upgrade

The initial island size is 160x160 blocks, however it can be upgraded further, making 240x240 the maximum island size.

Guest Limit Upgrade

The guesting limit can be increased by up to 5 players.

Co-op Slots Upgrade

You can increase the total size of your co-op by up to 3 slots.

Main Articles: Elizabeth, Community Center

Guesting/Social Skill


You can visit other players' islands by typing /visit <player> or invite another player to visit yours /invite <player>. However there are limitations to the amount of people that can be on a Private Island:

Rank Maximum Amount of Visitors
Default 1
[VIP] and [VIP+] 3
[MVP] and [MVP+] 5
[MVP++] 7

The Private Island's maximum amount of visitors can be increased through "Guests Limit" upgrade from Elizabeth NPC in Community Center. Players with [MVP++] rank can bypass the guesting limits (up to 10 extra players).

Minecraft items emerald.png Social Skill

Players can earn Social Skill experience when players visit and/or stay on their island. Leveling this skill will grant various cosmetic items that can be placed on your Private Island, such as Tic Tac Toe, Showcase Block, etc.

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Island Managing

Spawn Settings
  • Change the player's spawn location: /sethome /setspawn /spawnlocation.
  • Change the guest's spawn location: /guestlocation
Kicking players
  • Kick a player from your island: /sbkick <player>
  • Kick all guesting players: /sbkickall
Inviting and visiting islands
  • Invite a player to your island: /invite <player>
  • Visit another player's island: /visit <player>


Date Version Change
June 11th, 2019 SkyBlock Release Private Island added.
June 20th, 2019 Minor Patch Fixed sleeping on your private island causing time to temporarily switch to day.
May 14th, 2020 Minor Patch Fast travel to Private Island added.
May 22nd, 2020 Minor Patch Removed monster kill combat XP on private islands.
September 8th, 2020 0.9 Added ability to upgrade the size of your Private Island by 2.1x times through upgrades from Elizabeth NPC from Community Center.
April 22nd, 2021 Minor Patch Fixed an issue where you could set your private island spawn in the void