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NPCs, or non-player characters, are people you can interact with within SkyBlock. SkyBlock NPCs can do different things like give important information, send you on quests, or allow you to buy and sell items.


SkyBlock renders village.png
Name Description
Minecraft entities villager.png Hub Villagers Each Villager gives you different information about SkyBlock.
SkyBlock npcs kessie.png Hub Admins Each Admin gives you cool information about SkyBlock.
SkyBlock npcs hub selector.png Hub Selector The NPC that allows you to travel between Hubs in SkyBlock.
SkyBlock npcs mine merchant.png Mine Merchant Sells various ores and tools for Mining.
SkyBlock npcs farm merchant.png Farm Merchant Sells various crops and tools for Farming.
SkyBlock npcs lumber merchant.png Lumber Merchant Sells various logs and tools for Foraging.
SkyBlock npcs fish merchant.png Fish Merchant Sells various fish and a Fishing Rod to fish with.
SkyBlock npcs armorsmith.png Armorsmith Merchant Sells various armor sets to defend yourself against mobs.
SkyBlock npcs weaponsmith.png Weaponsmith Sells various Swords and Bows to help protect yourself against mobs.
SkyBlock npcs adventurer.png Adventurer Sells various Talismans for extra Stats.
Minecraft entities witch.png Alchemist Sells various brewing ingredients for Alchemy.
SkyBlock npcs anita.png Anita Allows you to trade your Jacob's Tickets and Medals for various Farming items.
SkyBlock npcs amelia.png Amelia Sells items that helps decorate your island.
SkyBlock npcs jacob.png Jacob The NPC in charge of Jacob's Farming Contests.
SkyBlock npcs personal bank upgrader.png Guy Allows you to upgrade your Personal Bank.
SkyBlock npcs baker.png Baker Bakes everyone a New Year Cake at the end of each SkyBlock year.
SkyBlock npcs dusk.png Dusk An NPC that gives you information about Runes.
SkyBlock npcs carpenter.png Carpenter An NPC that guides a player to where you can buy furniture.
SkyBlock npcs salesman generic.png Salesman During each in real life season he gives exclusive cosmetics.
Minecraft entities villager.png Plumber Joe Sells a special Plumber's Sponge to help drain water and lava.
SkyBlock npcs community shop.png Elizabeth An NPC that is in charge of the Community Shop. (You can get gems at https://store.hypixel.net/)
SkyBlock npcs auction master.png Auction Master The NPC in charge of the Auction House where you can Auction items or place them as a BIN.
SkyBlock npcs auction agent 1.png Auction Agents Assistants to the Auction Master who serve the same purpose.
SkyBlock npcs bazaar.png Bazaar The NPC who controls the "stock market" of SkyBlock. You can buy or sell most items in bulk here.
SkyBlock npcs bazaar assistant.png Bazaar Agent Assistant to Bazaar; they serve the same purpose.
SkyBlock npcs beekeeper.png Bea An NPC that sells you variants of the Bee Pet.
SkyBlock npcs pet sitter.png Kat An NPC that will upgrade the rarity of your pet for a price and a few days.
SkyBlock npcs zog.png Zog A merchant NPC that sells assorted pet items.
SkyBlock npcs pet collector.png George An NPC that accepts Pets in exchange for Coins.
Minecraft entities villager.png Blacksmith An NPC that can apply random Reforges to your items and Accessories, at a cost.
SkyBlock npcs bartender.png Bartender Sells various potion bases and Mixins.
SkyBlock npcs slayer.png Maddox the Slayer Handles all Slayer-related quests.
SkyBlock npcs artist.png Marco An NPC that introduces the player to Sprays.
SkyBlock npcs tailor owner.png Taylor The NPC in charge of the Fashion Shop.
SkyBlock npcs tailor assistant.png Seymour Sells various Tuxedos.
SkyBlock npcs arthur.png Arthur An NPC that explains how minions work.
SkyBlock npcs farmer.png Farmer A Quest NPC whose cow has fallen ill.
SkyBlock npcs pat.png Pat A merchant NPC who lurks in the graveyard. He sells flint and gravel.
SkyBlock npcs lumberjack.png Lumberjack A Quest NPC who is looking for someone to chop some wood for him.
SkyBlock npcs fisherman.png Fisherman A Quest NPC that is looking for Clay.
SkyBlock npcs fairy.png Tia the Fairy An NPC who provides permanent stat increases in exchange for Fairy Souls.
SkyBlock npcs spooky.png Fear Mongerer An Event NPC that appears during the Spooky Festival.
SkyBlock npcs shady cousin.png Lucius The shady cousin of Sirius, who gives a strong Talisman the more items you buy from the Dark Auction.
SkyBlock npcs shady bartender.png Shifty Sells some very exclusive Brews.
SkyBlock npcs sirius.png Sirius The NPC that runs the Dark Auction
SkyBlock npcs clerk election.png Seraphine The NPC that introduces you to the Community Center.
SkyBlock npcs wizard.png Wizard Info will come in 2-4 business days.
SkyBlock npcs lonely philosopher.png Lonely Philosopher An NPC that sells Hub Castle Travel Scrolls.
SkyBlock npcs wizard candidate.png Mayor Chosen by the populous of SkyBlock. Once elected, their Mayoral perks are activated.
SkyBlock npcs timedeo.png Resistance General Chosen by the populous of SkyBlock to help aid Technoblade in his fight against Dante.
SkyBlock npcs librarian.png Warren A removed NPC during the earlier stages of the Bazaar, who taught you how to use it and sold Stock Of Stonks.
SkyBlock npcs potato king.png Potato King Appearing after the Great Potato War, the Potato King gave rewards to the 1000 players with the highest Potato Collection.
SkyBlock npcs banker.png Banker Allows you to store your valuable coins in upgradable bank accounts and store your special items in a personal vault.
Minecraft entities villager.png Apprentice Accompanies the Furniture Shop, where you can buy Furniture to decorate your Private Island.
SkyBlock npcs librarian.png Librarian Sells low level enchanted books and enchanting materials.
SkyBlock npcs wool weaver.png Wool Weaver Sells a multitude of different types of colored blocks.
SkyBlock npcs redstone engineer.png Mad Redstone Engineer Sells various redstone items and circutry.
SkyBlock npcs scoop.png Scoop Sells a shovel that specializes in snow.
Minecraft entities villager.png Smithmonger Sells various Reforge Stones and a Reforge Anvil to be able to apply them.
SkyBlock npcs simon hat.png Simon A celebratory NPC that sold Crab Hats Of Celebration and Century Cakes.
SkyBlock npcs christopher.png Christopher A social NPC that allows you to visit player islands.
SkyBlock npcs mort.png Mort Your one-stop NPC for venturing into the Catacombs Dungeon. You can also see your Dungeons profile and use the Party Finder with Mort.
SkyBlock npcs catacombs blacksmith.png Malik A Blacksmith NPC that allows you to Reforge items as well as dungeonize items among many other things.
SkyBlock npcs ophelia.png Ophelia A merchant NPC that sells various items to help you with your dungeon experience.
SkyBlock npcs curator.png Curator A NPC that introduces the player to the Museum. He also accepts donations of certain items.
SkyBlock npcs madame eleanor q goldsworth iii.png Madame Eleanor Q. Goldsworth III An NPC that appraises the value of your Museum.
SkyBlock npcs tyashoi alchemist.png Tyashoi Alchemist A limited-event NPC during the Alchemy Experiments that gave hints to a particular item to obtain in exchange for Great Spook Armor and the Great Spook Staff.

The Park
SkyBlock renders park.png
Name Description
SkyBlock npcs charlie.png Charlie A very forgetful NPC who is part of the Timber! questline.
SkyBlock npcs rainmaker.png Vanessa A NPC that will make it rain for 5,000 coins per minute.
SkyBlock npcs gustave.png Gustave A racing NPC where you have to run across the Park island.
SkyBlock npcs melancholic viking.png Melancholic Viking A merchant NPC that needs to be cheered up in order to access his shop.
SkyBlock npcs fire guy.png Ryan The leader of the campfire cult. This cult is based around the Trial Of Fire.
Minecraft entities villager.pngCampfire Initiate One of the members of the Campfire Cult, alongside the Campfire Adept.
SkyBlock npcs melody.png Melody A NPC where you need to complete songs on her harp for rewards.
SkyBlock npcs master tactician.png Master Tactician Funk A merchant NPC that sells a wooden sword upgrade and a sword that gets upgrades based on combat collections.
SkyBlock npcs wolf shaman.png Old Shaman Nyko A merchant NPC that specializes in the stat True Defense.
SkyBlock npcs romero normal.png Romero The main character in the Romero questline.
SkyBlock npcs juliette.png Juliette Romero's crush in the Romero questline.

SkyBlock renders thebarn.png
Name Description
Minecraft entities villager.png Farmhand In exchange for a reward, you must collect some crops and some animal meat.
Minecraft entities villager.png Windmill Operator A NPC that needs your help fixing the broken windmill.

Mushroom Desert
SkyBlock renders mushroomdesert.png
Name Description
SkyBlock npcs beth.png Beth Living in one of the houses by the entrance, Beth tells you about Jake.
SkyBlock npcs mason.png Mason Mason will tell you about the Treasure Hunter and how no one finds the treasures he speaks about.
SkyBlock npcs friendly hiker.png Friendly Hiker A NPC who's worried about his other hiker friend.
SkyBlock npcs hungry hiker.png Hungry Hiker The Missing Hiker that the Friendly Hiker was talking about.
SkyBlock npcs treasure hunter.png Treasure Hunter Sells hints that lead to buried treasure in exchange for a small fee.
SkyBlock npcs jake.png Jake Found in a house on top of a mountain, Jake will open his shop if you bring him different animals.
SkyBlock npcs terry.png Terry's Shop Upgrades Tier 11 Farming Minions to Tier 12 in exchange for Pelts.
SkyBlock npcs tammy.png Tammy Teaches you about different animals that you can hunt and the abilities of those animals.
SkyBlock npcs trevor.png Trevor The Trapper A NPC that allows players to hunt animals in exchange for Pelts.
SkyBlock npcs shepherd.png Shepherd A Quest NPC that wants you to shear all his sheep for a reward.
SkyBlock npcs hunter ava.png Hunter Ava A NPC that is currently hunting an Elusive animal, and directs you to Trevor The Trapper.
SkyBlock npcs farmer jon.png Farmer Jon An expert farmer that used to compete in Sugar Cane contests until he retired.

The End
SkyBlock renders endisland.png
Name Description
SkyBlock npcs end dealer.png Pearl Dealer A merchant NPC that sells tools to help you in the End.
Minecraft entities villager.png Gregory A temporary NPC that sells arrows in the time of more dire, fighting Dragons.
SkyBlock npcs guber.png Guber A competitive person, he believes his race time is the best - now it's your turn to try to beat him!

Crimson Isle
SkyBlock renders netherisland.png
Name Description
SkyBlock npcs elle.png Elle of the Nether A Quest NPC that gives you different tasks to complete for Combat xp.

Gold Mine
SkyBlock renders goldmine.png
Name Description
SkyBlock npcs gold forger.png Gold Forger A merchant that sells gold-related armor and weapons.
SkyBlock npcs iron forger.png Iron Forger A merchant that sells chainmail armor and a pickaxe.
SkyBlock npcs librarian.png Rusty A very special NPC that allows you to put Telekinesis to items for 100 Coins.
SkyBlock npcs lazy miner.png Lazy Miner A Quest NPC who has lost their pickaxe in the mines.

Dwarven Mines
SkyBlock renders dwarvenvillage.png
Name Description
SkyBlock npcs dwarf citizen male 2.png Bubu Sells high breaking power pickaxes.
SkyBlock npcs old man garry.png Old Man Garry The Mining Events Guide for the Dwarven Mines. He is able to teleport players to events when they are active, like Raffle or Goblin Raid.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf banker.png Banker Broadjaw Similar to Banker but instead he is accessible in the Dwarven Mines.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf citizen male 2.png Bednom A very dreamy NPC that describes what is envisioned while being asleep.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf citizen male 3.png Gimley One of the 4 Drunk Dwarves. The rest being, Hornum, Tarwen, and Sargwyn.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf citizen male 4.png Bulvar A shop NPC that allows you to upgrade some Minions to tier 12.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf miner male 2.png Fragilis A informational NPC that tells you about Breaking Power and different blocks Block Strength.
SkyBlock npcs old prospector.png Geo A NPC tells the player about the Gemstone Grinder.
SkyBlock npcs lift operator.png Lift Operator A NPC to provide access to each level of the Deep Caverns and can transport you to the Dwarven Mines when you have access to it.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf royalguard male 2.png Kings The first stage in Commissions; a new King is on the throne each day.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf council female 5.png Tornora One of the council members who talks about the Kings.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf royalguard female 8.png Queen Mismyla Overseeing the Dwarven Mines the Queen talks about each of the different Kings.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf citizen male 2.png Royal Residents 2 other residents of the Dwarven Mines.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf militia 2.png Castle Guard They guard the Dwarven Mines.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf citizen male 3.png Fetchur A Daily Quest NPC that gives a hint to an item of the day.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf citizen female 7.png Gwendolyn The NPC that gives you your pass to the Crystal Hollows for 10,000 Coins.
SkyBlock npcs puzzler.png Puzzler A Daily Quest NPC that will give you clues to a target block to break.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf citizen male 3.png Tal Ker They talk a lot.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf citizen male 1.png Royal Resident A long winded NPC that tries to convince you to leave and will give a countdown saying that will he will be very angry if he gets to zero and you are still there.
SkyBlock npcs librarian.png Dalbrek A NPC that talks about the Cult of the Fallen Star.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf citizen female 5.png Bylma A NPC that leads you to new locations in the Dwarven Mines.
SkyBlock npcs dirt guy.png Dirt Guy The NPC that really really likes dirt.
SkyBlock npcs emissary male 1.png Emissary The NPCs that deal with Commissions. You unlock more Emissaries the more commissions you do.
SkyBlock npcs forger.png Forger Mastered in the skill of blacksmithing, the Forger can help you forge special tools or accessories.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf citizen female 7.png Jotraeline Greatforge A NPC that refuels and upgrades drills, provided you have the right parts.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf militia 2.png Royal Guard The Guards of the Dwarven Mines.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf citizen male 4.png Geonathan Greatforge A NPC in which you can add Drill Fuel to your Drill.

Crystal Hollows
SkyBlock renders crystalnucleus.png
Name Description
SkyBlock npcs kalhuiki tribe man.png Kalhuiki Door Guardian The guardians of the Amethyst Crystal, they will not let you into the Jungle Temple without a Jungle Key.
SkyBlock npcs spirit bear.png Bears They tell a story about a bear in the Crystal Hollows.
SkyBlock npcs goblin king.png King Yolkar A vengeful King that wants you to become a thief.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf citizen male 2.png Chunk A hidden NPC who assures players that, "It's not a big issue".
SkyBlock npcs queens guard 1.png Queens Guards The guardians of the Goblin Queen who protects the Amber Crystal. Unless you smell stinky they won't let you see their Queen.
SkyBlock npcs dwarf keeper diamond.png Keeper These Keepers lost some items and they need you to use a Metal Detector to find them.
SkyBlock npcs kalhuiki tribe salesman.png Odawa A merchant that sells assorted items to help you in the Crystal Hollows
SkyBlock npcs professor robot.png Professor Robot A NPC in the Lost Precursor City who wants you to rebuild the broken Automaton Prime.
Minecraft entities slime.png Sludge NPC A stuck slime that needs your help getting free.
SkyBlock npcs goblin.png Xalx A Goblin that wants to share his food with the world.

Jerry's Workshop
SkyBlock renders jerrysworkshop.png
Name Description
SkyBlock npcs winter banker.png Banker Barry Similar to Banker, but instead he is accessible in Jerry's Workshop.
SkyBlock npcs snowmaker.png Gary An NPC that really, really likes snow.
SkyBlock npcs frosty.png Frosty A merchant NPC that sells and refills Frosty The Snow Cannon.
Minecraft entities snow golem.png Sherry A merchant NPC that sells various winter-related items.
SkyBlock npcs st jerry.png St. Jerry A NPC that when you collect 20 White Gifts he will reward you with a Green Gift.
SkyBlock npcs mayhem main.png Agent Kapustin The leader of the of the team for Operation Mayhem.
SkyBlock npcs agents.png Agents of Operation Mayhem Members of the Operation Mayhem team.
SkyBlock npcs terry.png Terry For a price, Terry will reforge your fishing rod with either Salty or Treacherous reforges.
SkyBlock npcs gulliver.png Gulliver A racing NPC on Jerry's Workshop. He is the starter for the Chicken Racing minigame.

Private Island
SkyBlock renders privateisland.png
Name Description
Minecraft entities villager.png Jerry Assists you with private Island settings and provides useful information.
Minecraft items ghast spawn egg.png Island NPC Used for creating custom NPCs on your private island.
Minecraft items redstone block.png Reforge Anvil NPCS An NPC that accompanies the Reforge Anvil when placed.