Dwarven Mines

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Category Zone
SkyBlock items fairy soul.png Fairy Souls 11
Minecraft items empty map.png Travel Scrolls Travel Scroll To Dwarven Mines
Requirements Mining Level XII
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Mob Drops

The Dwarven Mines is an area mainly focused on Mining and completing Commissions.


The Dwarven Mines is an area mainly focused on Mining. Several unique resources such as Mithril and Titanium can be obtained here. The main focus of the Dwarven Mines is doing Commissions to level up your Heart of the Mountain, to mine more efficiently thereby gaining more Mining experience, Mithril, and Titanium.


To unlock the Dwarven Mines you need to complete Rhys' quest in the Obsidian Sanctuary, once you start the quest you need to give Rhys 3 of 10 different enchanted mining materialsEnchanted Diamond, Enchanted Gold, Enchanted Iron, Enchanted Lapis Lazuli, Enchanted Redstone, Enchanted Coal, Enchanted Emerald that he demands, completing the quest unlocks the Dwarven Mines, you can access it via the Lift Operator. After getting into the Dwarven Mines you can use the Station Master NPC located in the Dwarven Village for fast traveling. Mithril ore veins will are a common sight after exiting the Dwarven Village. Following the gold doors after leaving the village will lead you to the Royal Palace, in which you can start doing Commissions by talking to the current King.


Every 20 minutes from the server's start events occur, these events range from passive to active events. Active events can reward the player with Mining experience, ᠅ Mithril Powder, Heart of the Mountain experience, and Bits, 20 seconds before an active event's dawn, a chat message pops up asking the players if they want to teleport to Old Man Garry, this NPC can teleport the player to the event's zone when the event has begun. Furthermore, passive events can reward the players with certain buffs all around the Dwarven Mines, like 2x Powder or Gone With The Wind.

Major Events Description
Raffle Raffle Tickets spawn upon the event's start. Players must collect as many tickets as possible and deposit them into the Raffle Box, which can either spawn in the Royal Palace or the Far Reserve. After the event is over 3 winners are randomly chosen with the players who have deposited more tickets having a higher chance to win. The winners receive 3x rewards from the event.
2x Powder All powder earned is doubled from this event's dawn until its end.
Goblin Raid Goblins start spawning in a designated zone. 1,000 Goblins must be killed for the event to finish, each player at least needs 25 kills to get extra rewards at the end of the event. If 1,000 kills total isn't reached, the rewards are halved.
Mithril Gourmand Don Expresso shows up at the Dwarven Tavern and demands Tasty Mithril be brought to him from a selected zone. The player is tasked with mining at least 10 Tasty Mithril in that area and bringing it back to Don Expresso. If 200 Tasty Mithril has been brought back to Don Expresso in that lobby, all players receive extra rewards.
Gone With The Wind The wind starts blowing from a random direction which frequently changes directions. The player must use the wind compass that appears in their scoreboard to find the way the wind is blowing. Facing the direction the wind is blowing rewards the player with +600 SkyBlock icons mining speed.pngMining Speed, decreasing the further the player faces from the wind.
Better Together The players are awarded +500 SkyBlock icons mining speed.pngMining Speed and +50 SkyBlock icons mining fortune.pngMining Fortune if they're close to each other.
Minor Events Description
Fallen Star A fallen star crashes at a random location in the mines. Players within a 20 block radius of the fallen star receive +2 ᠅ Mithril Powder and ore drops. Star Sentries also spawn around the fallen star attacking the player on sight. They can be slain to obtain Starfall and Mithril.
Powder Ghast A Powder Ghast spawns at a random location in the Dwarven Mines. Players need to shoot it to obtain ᠅ Mithril Powder.


There are multiple zones in the Dwarven Mines. The zones are used to separate distinct features and build from each other. Zones are also used to indicate to the players where they need to go to for Commissions or events, they help the players navigate around the Dwarven Mines.

Zone Description Coordinates
Aristocrat Passage The passage can be accessed from the Great Ice Wall, the Hanging Court, and the Royal Mines. It also houses a Ticket Master NPC. 130 151 130
Barracks Of Heroes This zone can be found on the right side of the Kings' table in the Royal Palace. It has 2 NPCs a Royal Resident and a Castle Guard. 90 196 180
C&C Minecarts Co. This area doesn't have much to offer. It looks like a workshop for producing minecarts. -120 150 -20
Cliffside Veins The Cliffside Veins are long and thin mines, found in the middle of the Dwarven Mines. Emissary Ceanna is also the only NPC in this zone. 40 128 40
Divan's Gateway Divan's Gateway is the gateway linking the Cliffside Veins to the Great Ice Wall. The gateway only has a single NPC close to the Cliffside Veins called Bylma. 0 128 100
Dwarven Tavern The Dwarven Tavern is a sub-location in the Dwarven Village. 4 NPCs are visible in the zone, Gimley, Sargwyn, Hornum, and Tarwen. Additionally, Don Expresso spawns in front of the tavern when the Mithril Gourmand event happens. 30 202 -150
Dwarven Village The Dwarven Village in an area viewable right in front of the spawn. NPCs such as Rhys, Bubu, Bulvar, and Emissary Eliza are housed in the Dwarven Village. Furthermore, you're able to find Fetchur, Gwendolyn, and the Gemstone Grinder towards the outskirts of this zone. -41 200 -121
Far Reserve The Far Reserve is one of the less populated areas of the Dwarven Mines, no Commissions exist for this zone although, the Raffle Box can sometimes spawn in there, and a Ticket Master NPC is viewable towards the end of these mines. -140 149 50
Forge Basin The Forge Basin in an area that can be found in front of The Forge and under the Lava Springs. It houses 2 NPCs Jotraeline Greatforge and a Ticket Master. 0 146 -20
Gates To The Mines A passageway leading to the Rampart's Quarry. The passageway also contains a Ticket Master and 2 statues of miners. 31 134 -54
Goblin Burrows The Goblin Burrows are a location in between the Far Reserve and the Great Ice Wall. It's the only spawn location for Goblins in the Dwarven Mines. -100 163 150
Grand Library The Grand Library is an area towards the left of the Kings' table which can be found in the Royal Palace. The Puzzler NPC can be found towards the left and Tal Ker towards the right after entering the library. Dalbrek and a Castle Guard can also be found upstairs. 180 196 180
Great Ice Wall The Great Ice Wall is mainly used to kill Ice Walkers. Most players use the Divan's Gateway to access it, though it also has connections to the Goblin Burrows and the Aristocrat Passage. 0 128 150
Hanging Court The Hanging Court can be found towards the right of the Royal Palace. It only houses a Ticket Master. 80 188 140
Lava Springs The Lava Springs are mainly used to do Commissions by players. Appropriately, the only NPC in the Lava Springs is Emissary Lilith. 60 197 -15
Miner's Guild This area is placed right above spawn and the Dwarven Village however, its main entrance is from the Upper Mines. There's nothing much to it but it looks like an inn made for miners. -170 221 -110
Palace Bridge The bridge leading to the Royal Palace. The Royal Mines can also be seen under the bridge. 129 187 62
Rampart's Quarry The Rampart's Quarry is mostly used to complete Commissions by players. Fittingly, it also contains a single NPC, Emissary Carlton. -100 150 -20
Royal Mines These mines are positioned under the Palace Bridge. The Cliffside Veins, the Aristocrat Passage, and The Mist are accessible through the Royal Mines. Gold veins can also be spotted in this mine unlike the other mines. Finally, Emissary Wilson can be recognized in the Royal Mines. 130 154 30
Royal Palace The palace where the Kings are found, Raffles can also happen in here. 130 195 170
Royal Quarters The Royal Quarters can be accessed using 2 doors behind the Kings' table. 2 Castle Guards and Royal Residents can be found in the area. 110 196 210
The Forge The only use of The Forge is casting items. It's located next to the Forge Basin. It also contains 5 Forger NPCs. 0 149 -70
The Lift The Lift is the spawn area of the Dwarven Mines. You'll be greeted with 2 Royal Guard NPCs towards its border with Dwarven Village. Furthermore, the Lift Operator NPC is visible at the back of this zone. -80 200 -120
The Mist Most of The Mist is under the Divan's Gateway however, a small portion of it can be found under the Royal Mines. Slaying Ghosts is the main adventure of this zone. 150 76 50
Upper Mines The Upper Mines are placed above the Far Reserve and the Rampart's Quarry. You're able to find Treasure Hoarders in the Upper Mines. You can find 2 NPCs in the Upper Mines, Emissary Fraiser and a Ticket Master These mines also contain the biggest water source in the Dwarven Mines. -130 174 -50


  • Dwarven Mines is called Deeper Caverns internally.
  • The initial name of the Dwarven Mines could have been Dwarven Caves, trying to use the Royal Pigeon outside the Dwarven Mines displays the message "You may not use this item outside the Dwarven Caves!"
  • There used to be a hole in the ceiling of the Dwarven Mines, going through that hole would put you on the top of the Dwarven Mines, it was possible to see the message:
    • "COS"
    • "THE NERVE!"


Date Version Change
January 15th, 2021 Dwarven Mines Release Dwarven Mines Added.
April 21st, 2021 0.11.4 Background Music Added.
July 14th, 2021 Crystal Hollows Release Gemstone Grinder, Geo, Lumina, Fragilis, Gwendolyn, and Emissary Braum Added.