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Locations setup the atmosphere and landscape for SkyBlock. Players can fight Mobs, grind Skills, collect Resources, interact with NPCS, level up Stats and much more! However, certain locations have a requirement that the players have to meet in order to be accessed.

The islands are organized by the resources that they provide, as well as the main Skill that the player can level up by travelling to them. For example, Coal Mine leads to Gold Mine, as they are both related to Mining skill. The further the islands are located from Hub, the more resources the player can gather on them, but the amount of threats to the player's life.

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Private Island

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The Private Island is the first of the locations that the player sees upon entering Skyblock. It is the player's personal area where they can build anything they want. However, it is not infinite, so you will have to organize space wisely.

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The Hub is the first island that the player can travel to from the private island. It contains many locations and NPCs, which will play a major role in the player's progression throughout their journey in Skyblock.

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The Barn

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The Barn is the first farming island unlocked by the player. It has the basic Minecraft crops and mobs, which will allow the player to start their progress in Farming. You will need Farming I to access this location.

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Mushroom Desert

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The Mushroom Desert is one of the two Farming Islands. It can be accessed through a teleport pad from The Barn. However, the player must have Farming V in order to access this location.

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The Park

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The Park is a foraging island, where players can level up their Foraging skill. It is also frequently used for the Wolf Slayer, as the wolfs in the Howling Cave provide more Combat xp than the ones in Ruins.

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Spider's Den

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The Spider's Den is the first Combat island that the players unlock on their journey. The teleport pad to this location is placed in Graveyard, but requires the player to have Combat I in order to access it.

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The End

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The End is second Combat island that the player can access from Spider's Den. Combat XII is required in order to access this location.

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Crimson Isle

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The Crimson Isle is SkyBlock's highest tier Combat island and requires Combat XXIV to access.

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The Crimson Isle replaced the Blazing Fortress.

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Gold Mine

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The Gold Mine is the first Mining island that is unlocked after reaching Mining I. This location can be accessed by using the teleport pad at the Coal Mine.

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Deep Caverns

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The Deep Caverns is the second Mining location that is unlocked after reaching Mining V. This location has multiple levels that provide various resources. Each of these levels has their own type of Mob and resource. The player can continue their descent into the Dwarven Mines from the Obsidian Sanctuary by talking to Rhys.

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Dwarven Mines and Crystal Hollows

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The Dwarven Mines, as well as its continuation, the Crystal Hollows, are locations that are dedicated for players to mine various unique ores. These areas have a unique way of upgrading the efficiency of the player, that being Heart of the Mountain.

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Winter Island

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The Winter Island is a time limited location that opens every Skyblock winter. Players can travel to it by clicking on the NPC that appears in the Hub or through their SkyBlock Menu. You can obtain White, Green, and Red Gifts at this location, as well as fish for winter Sea Creatures. This includes the Yeti, which has a chance to drop a Baby Yeti Pet.

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Dungeon Hub

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The Dungeon Hub is a location where Dungeons can be accessed. Dungeons are a series of randomly generated rooms with various mobs, secrets and puzzles with a boss at the end. The Dungeon Hub serves as a location to access these.

The Dungeon Hub also features multiple races that can grant the player various Accessories and Essence.

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