Mithril Gourmand
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Category Mining Event

The Mithril Gourmand is a Mining Event that takes place in the Dwarven Mines.

Event Details

As soon as the event starts, Don Expresso appears in front of the Dwarven Tavern and tasks the players with bringing him Tasty Mithril.

Don Expresso needs to be given at least 200 Tasty Mithril during the event for all participants to receive the full reward. Bringing him at least 10 Tasty Mithril personally grants extra rewards.


+20,000 Mining Experience
+100 Heart of the Mountain Experience
+1,000 ᠅ Mithril Powder

If a player has a Booster Cookie active, with Bits still available to collect, they can also earn Bits.

If the players in the lobby don't complete the event in the allowed time, participants receive 50% of the rewards.



Date Version Change
July 14th, 2021 Crystal Hollows Release Mithril Gourmand Added.