Rarity is a tag assigned to every item in SkyBlock. Each item can only have one Rarity, which determines many things about the item, including its Reforge stats on weapons, armor, tools, and accessories; and its perks on Pets. The Rarity of an item is displayed at the bottom of its lore in capitalized, bolded letters.

Rarity Table

Rarity Description
COMMON COMMON is assigned to items that are very easy to get. It is the default rarity assigned to items and there is no tier lower.
UNCOMMON UNCOMMON is for items that are still very early game but are not quite common. This is the lowest tier you can get with a recombobulated item.
RARE RARE items are mostly early game utility; things you strive for as an early game player. This includes lots of accessories, minions, and upgrades.
EPIC EPIC items start to become more expensive. These items are meant to stand out and take some hard effort to obtain.
LEGENDARY LEGENDARY items mark the end of the line for most non-cosmetic item's base rarity. They are meant to be the hardest to obtain and are often low drop chance items.
MYTHIC There is only one non-cosmetic MYTHIC base tiered item currently in the game, this is the Divan's Drill. They can also be obtained by upgrading LEGENDARY items as described below.
DIVINE Divine rarity is for any items that have been upgraded from MYTHIC. Items such as Cake Souls and Divan's Drill can be upgraded to DIVINE using a Recombobulator 3000
SPECIAL The SPECIAL tag is reserved for Admin Items, trophies, and collectibles. The SPECIAL rarity is not meant to be obtained by upgrading items, but is instead reserved for cosmetic items such as Spooky Pies and Creative Minds.
VERY SPECIAL VERY SPECIAL is a rarity that exists for upgraded SPECIAL items, currently only one item has a VERY SPECIAL base rarity which is the Editor's Pencil.

Upgrading Rarity

Although every item of the same type will have the same base rarity, there are several ways an items rarity can be upgraded. These include using a Recombobulator 3000, an Auto Recombobulator, a Wood Singularity, dungeon fragments such as Bonzo Fragments Livid Fragments or Scarf Fragments, getting a top quality item from The Catacombs, or using specific Pet Items on specific Pets like the Bat Pet or Jerry Pet.


  • In nearly all cases, the color of an item's name matches the color of its Rarity. A few items such as Melody's Hair and Yellow Rock are exceptions to this rule.


Date Version Change
June 11th, 2019 SkyBlock Release Rarities Added.
June 13th, 2019 Minor Patch COMMON Rarity Added.
July 7th, 2020 Catacombs Release MYTHIC and VERY SPECIAL Rarities Added. Changed SPECIAL from pink to light red.
September 17th, 2020 0.9.1 SUPREME Rarity Added.
September 13th, 2021 Minor Patch Changed SUPREME Rarity to DIVINE Rarity.