Minecraft items grass block.png Tyashoi Alchemist was substantially changed or deleted. This article is preserved for historical reasons.
Tyashoi Alchemist
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Category NPC
Minecraft items hopper.png Merchant
SkyBlock icons x.png No
SkyBlock items abiphone x plus.png Abiphone
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Tyashoi Alchemist
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The Tyashoi Alchemist was a one-time Halloween event NPC that had a new puzzle to solve every day for 5 days. Once you gave the Tyashoi Alchemist the required items, you obtained pieces of the Great Spook Armor and the Great Spook Staff.


The Tyashoi Alchemist granted players Great Spook Armor pieces as well as the Great Spook Staff for giving the following items:

Item Required Obtainable From
Minecraft items leather boots purple.png Great Spook Boots SkyBlock items sweet flesh.png 12x Sweet Flesh October 28, 2021
Minecraft items leather leggings purple.png Great Spook Leggings SkyBlock items poisoned candy.png 1x Poisoned Candy October 29, 2021
Minecraft items leather chestplate purple.png Great Spook Chestplate SkyBlock items decayed bat.png 5x Decayed Bats October 30, 2021
Minecraft items leather helmet purple.png Great Spook Helmet SkyBlock items wet pumpkin.png 1x Wet Pumpkin October 31, 2021
Minecraft sprite block dead-bush.png Great Spook Staff SkyBlock items frozen spider.png 10x Frozen Spiders November 1st, 2021

None of the items were obtainable after November 7th, 2021.


First Interaction
  • Hey you! Have you ever heard of the Great Spook?
  • No?
  • Well, don't worry about it, but I need to do some research.
  • If you bring me the items I need for my brew I'll reward you with armor and a staff!
Too Early
  • Hmm.. You do not seem experienced enough for what I require.
  • Come back to me when you have harmed more than a fly.
  • You... Look familiar.
  • I've seen you before...
  • You may wear different clothes but I recognize that face anywhere.
  • I will not work with you here.
Not Enough
  • That's not enough! I need (amount) (item)!
Asking for Flesh
  • The first ingredient required is a Sweet Flesh.
  • I need 12 of them.
Looking For Flesh
  • Really? Still nothing?
  • It's quite simple though.
  • You just have to kill a Zombie with a Sweet item!
  • I said Sweet Flesh... Find them.
  • I need 12 Sweet Flesh.
  • You must bring them to me. Please hurry up, I need those Sweet Flesh!
  • Come on, it can't be that hard to find 12 Sweet Flesh!
Give Flesh
  • Perfect! Let me put that Sweet Flesh in the cauldron!
  • Interesting... Most interesting...
  • Well... Here, take these Great Spook Boots!
  • You are the #<number> player to obtain this item!
Asking For Candy
  • My sweet tooth is acting up again...
  • I know! Obviously a Poisoned Candy will take care of that. Find one for me.
Idle Dialogue
  • Hmmm. I'm going to need some time to decide which ingredient I need next.
  • Come back in (time)!


  • Tyashoi Alchemist first appeared for a one time event.


Date Version Change
November 2nd, 2021 The Museum Release Tyashoi Alchemist Added.