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Category Events

The Mayor Elections happens every SkyBlock year. When a new election has started there will be 5 candidates offered and you vote for your favorite. There is a pool of 8 regular candidates and 3 special candidates. The candidates can show up to 3 perks at once.

The Election Room is open for around 4 real life days and then it closes for around 1 day. When it's open, it's your chance to vote and change your vote if you want to. When the election period ends the candidate with the most votes becomes Mayor for the next SkyBlock year and their perks are activated for that time.


Candidates are typically NPCs with perks that apply to everyone once they become a Mayor.

Candidates are chosen by:

  • All candidates (except last years winner and no special mayors) are added to a possible Mayor list.
  • Each candidate now has a 45% chance to gain an extra perk if they did not have all 3 yet. If the Mayor was not in last election, they will only get 1 perk.
  • The possible Mayor list is shuffled, and the first 5 are chosen.
  • If this year requires a special candidate the 5th possible Mayor is removed and replaced with the correct special candidate.

Regular Candidates

Candidates Perks
SkyBlock npcs wizard candidate.png Barry

Magic XP Boost: Gain 15% more Enchanting and Alchemy XP.
Arcane Catalyst: Spells deal 15% increased SkyBlock icons strength.pngDamage.
Astral Negotiator: Enchanting and anvils costs -15% less experience.

Secret Bonus: Gain +2 Clicks in SuperPairs Experiments
Secret Bonus: All abilities cost 15% less SkyBlock icons intelligence.pngMana
Secret Bonus: Gain 1 SkyBlock icons magic find.pngMagic Find for every year that Barry has not been elected (max 20)

SkyBlock npcs mining candidate.png Cole

Mining XP Buff: Earn 1.5x mining experience on public islands.
Prospection: Mining minions work 25% faster.
Mining Fiesta: Schedules two Mining Fiesta events during the year. Earn 1.5x mining xp, 2x drops, and Unique Loot! Only active on public islands.

SkyBlock npcs slayer candidate.png Aatrox

Slayer XP Buff: Earn 25% more Slayer XP.
Pathfinder: Gain rare drops 20% more often.
SLASHED Pricing: Starting slayer quests is half price.

SkyBlock npcs pets candidate.png Diana

Pet XP Buff: Gain 35% more pet XP.
Lucky!: Gain +25 SkyBlock icons pet luck.pngPet Luck.
Mythological Ritual: Mayor Diana will sell the Griffin Pet, which lets you find Mythological Creatures and tons of unique items.

SkyBlock npcs events candidate.png Foxy

Sweet Tooth: Grants +20% chance to get candy from mobs during the Spooky Festival.
Benevolence: Gain 2.5x gifts from the attack event on Jerry's Workshop.
Extra Event: Schedules an extra (Event Name) event during the year.

SkyBlock npcs fishing candidate.png Marina

Fishing XP Buff: Gain 50% more fishing XP public islands.
Luck of the Sea 2.0: Gain + 15 SkyBlock icons sea creature chance.pngSea Creature Chance.
Fishing Festival: Start a special fishing event during the first 3 days of each month! Fish and fight dangerous sharks and earn unique Shark loot.

SkyBlock npcs dungeons candidate.png Paul

EZPZ: Gain 10 bonus score on dungeon runs.
Marauder: Dungeon reward chests are 20% cheaper.
Benediction: Blessings are 25% stronger.

SkyBlock npcs economist candidate.png Diaz

Barrier Street: Gain 25% more bank interest.
Shopping Spree: Increase daily NPC buy limits by 10x.

Special Candidates

Candidates Perks
Minecraft entities villager.png Jerry

Perkpocalypse: Activate all perks of another Mayor every 18 SkyBlock Days.
Statspocalypse: Increase most stats by 10%.
Jerrypocalypse: Reveal Hidden Jerries from logging, farming, mining, and killing mobs.

SkyBlock npcs derp candidate.png Derpy

TURBO MINIONS!!!!: Minions have double the output!
AH CLOSED!!!: The Auction House with be closed while Derpy is elected!
DOUBLE MOBS HP!!!: All monsters have double SkyBlock icons health.pngHealth!
MOAR SKILLZ: Gain +50% more skill experience!

SkyBlock npcs scorpius.png Scorpius

Bribe: If Scorpius wins and you voted for him, Mayor Scorpius will offer you Coins as a token of gratitude.
Darker Auctions: Scorpius will intrude in Dark Auctions increasing the amount of rounds to 6 and offering special items.

One-Off Candidates

Candidates Perks
SkyBlock npcs dictator.png Dante

Before Election:

Order: Establish Order
Security: Strengthen security
Freedom: Freedom from fear

After Election:

Economy Restoration:

  • Double AH and Bazaar Tax
  • 10% Coins tax on shops
  • 5 Coins per minute for chatting
  • 2 Coins toll on traveling between islands

Increase Security:

  • Hired goons to protect official buildings
  • Cancelled hazardous events
SkyBlock npcs technoblade.png Technoblade

Blood God's Blessing: Gain +50% more skill experience!
Unlimited Speed: Grants everyone +50 SkyBlock icons speed.pngSpeed! The speed cap will be removed but speed above 400 will be halved.
Potato Crown's Radiance: Farming minions work 100% faster.
Anarchy: There are no taxes in the Auction House and Bazaar.
Shrine of the Blood God: Summons the Ancient Pig.

Other Candidates

Candidates Perks
SkyBlock npcs placeholder candidate.png Mayor Faith None
SkyBlock npcs clerk election.png Mayor Nancy None


  • Mayor Diana was the first elected Mayor and was the first Mayor to include 3 perks.
  • Mayor Nancy is the only Mayor available on the alpha network.


Date Version Change
September 8th, 2020 0.9 Mayors Added.