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Category Events

Events are different occasions that happen throughout the SkyBlock Year and usually occur in a repeatable pattern (Calendar Events) or are bound to a specific mayor, place or event (Mayor Events, Mining Events and Special Events).

Calendar Events

Calendar Events are happening at the same time throughout the SkyBlock Year and can be viewed through your SkyBlock Menu, with the exception of Bingo. However, since a year in SkyBlock lasts 5 days and 4 hours the timing of the events changes to suit all players from around the world.

Event Description
Minecraft items paper.png Bingo This event lasts for 1 real life week at the start of each month during which all players can participate in a game of Bingo. Players must complete various challenges on a brand new temporary Bingo profile, where they can't use the Auction House, Bazaar, Trading, or Community Center shops.
SkyBlock sprite npcs oringo.png Traveling Zoo This event lasts for 3 in-game days during which Oringo NPC will sell his pets in the Hub. The NPC will always bring one LEGENDARY Pet that is following a special rotation - Blue Whale → Tiger → Lion → Monkey → Giraffe → Elephant. The other two pets and their rarity will be picked randomly.
Minecraft items snowball.png Season Of Jerry This event happens during the Late Winter and opens up Jerry's Workshop island that can be accessed during that time. During the Season Of Jerry event players can fish up winter Sea Creatures, compete in Chicken Race or defend Jerry's Workshop in a special mini-event.
Minecraft items nether brick.png Dark Auction Dark Auction event happens on the 55th minute of every hour (in real life). During the event Sirius NPC will appear in the Wilderness, which players can interact with to sign up for the next auction. The auction sells various items and is linked to the Lucius' Quest.
Minecraft items cake.png New Year Celebration New Year Celebration event occurs in the Hub from Late Winter Day 29 to Late Winter Day 31. During this event players can talk to the Baker NPC to obtain a New Year Cake or purchase a New Year Cake Bag for 250,000 Coins
Minecraft items jack o lantern.png Spooky Festival The Spooky Festival event takes place from Autumn Day 29 to Autumn Day 31 every SkyBlock year and lasts one real life hour. When the event is active mobs (excluding Dungeon Mobs) will drop Green Candy and Purple Candy. The amount of candy is based on the level of the mob. In addition, candies will grant candy points that will determine your rewards and position after the festival.
Minecraft items jukebox.png Election Booth Opens/Election Over This events in calendar mark the opening and closing of the voting period during which players are able to vote (and change their votes) for the next SkyBlock mayor. Each election 5 candidates will run to be the next Mayor. The candidates can show up to 3 perks at once. When the event ends the candidate with the most votes will become Mayor for the next SkyBlock year and their perks will be activated for that time.
Minecraft items wheat.png Jacob's Farming Contest Jacob's Farming Contest takes place every 3 SkyBlock days and lasts for 20 minutes. During this event players have a choice of 3 crops to farm (which is picked randomly) that they have to increase collection of while also competing against other players.

In order to participate in this event the player has to talk to Jacob NPC first and be at least Farming X. At least 100 needed crops have to be collected to be eligible for a reward.

Mayor Events

Mayor Events happen only during the time that the mayor associated with them is elected. The exceptions are Jerry mayor that cycles through all the Mayor Events and Foxy who schedules an extra event.

Event Description
SkyBlock pets griffin.png Mythological Ritual Mythological Ritual is an event linked to Diana NPC and is only active when she is the elected mayor. During this event players can use Ancestral Spade to dig griffin burrows to obtain rare items, Coins or dig up Mythological Creatures (that drop unique items).
Minecraft items iron pickaxe.png Mining Fiesta Mining Fiesta is an event linked to Cole NPC and only appears on the calendar when he (or Foxy) is the active mayor. This event lasts for 10 hours and 20 minutes and gives a 1.5x mining exp boost, 2x mining drops and the ability to obtain Refined Mineral from ores. This event is only active on public islands.
Minecraft items fishing rod.png Fishing Festival Fishing Festival is an event linked to Marina NPC and only appears on the calendar when she (or Foxy) is the active mayor. During this event players can fish up Nurse, Blue, Tiger and Great White sharks that drop their respective teeth and Shark Fins.

Mining Events

Mining Events are different occurrences in Dwarven Mines and Crystal Hollows that happen every 20 minutes and require players to either:

The only event that buffs players without the need to do something is the 2x Powder event. To know more about these events please check their main article.

Main Article: Mining Events

Special Events

Special Events are not repetitive and are used to commemorate a special event that happened in SkyBlock.

Event Description
Minecraft entities pig.png Ancient Pig The Ancient Pig events happened after Dante was overthrown by The Resistance. In order to start the events, 7 relics had to be found by the players and placed on the Blood God Shrine. They mainly consisted of different Skill experience gain boosts (Mining, Foraging, Farming, Fishing and Combat), but also included Double Mob Drops, Double Pet Stats, Increased Runic Chance, Fairy Soul Infusion and Thunder.
SkyBlock items party time event.png Party Time! This event started on June 10th, 2020 and lasted 24 hours, during which all players could talk to the Simon NPC and receive a Crab Hat of Celebration as a gift to commemorate the anniversary of Hypixel SkyBlock.
SkyBlock sprite npcs tyashoi alchemist.png Alchemy Experiments This event started on October 28th, 2021 and consisted of 5 quests. During the event, players could talk to Tyashoi Alchemist NPC in order to receive special riddles. If the player solves all 5 riddles, they will be rewarded with a set that consists of Great Spook Boots, Great Spook Leggings, Great Spook Chestplate, Great Spook Helmet and Great Spook Staff (One for each solved quest).


Date Version Change
June 11th, 2019 SkyBlock Release New Year Celebration event Added.
July 2nd, 2019 0.5 Dark Auction event Added.
October 27th, 2019 0.7.3 Spooky Festival event Added.
December 17th, 2019 0.7.5 Season Of Jerry event Added.
February 21st, 2020 0.7.6 Traveling Zoo event Added.
June 2nd, 2020 0.7.9 /events command Added.
September 8th, 2020 0.9 Fishing Festival, Mining Fiesta and Mythological Ritual Mayor Events Added.
October 30th, 2020 0.9.9 Spooky Festival event updated.
November 6th, 2020 0.9.11 Jacob's Farming Contest event Added.
January 15th, 2021 Dwarven Mines Release Mining Events Added.
July 14th, 2021 Crystal Hollows Release Mining Events updated.
June 10th, 2022 Minor Patch 3rd SkyBlock Anniversary event Added.