Water Hydra
SkyBlock entities water hydra.png
Stats 500,000 SkyBlock icons health.pngHealth
400 SkyBlock icons strength.pngDamage
Type Sea Creature
Skill XP 4,050 Minecraft items fishing rod.png Fishing XP
Coins 1 Coin
EXP Orbs 1 Minecraft sprite entity experience-orb.png EXP Orbs
Base Catch Chance
Mob Attributes
Entity Type
Minecraft sprite entity zombie.png Zombie
Minecraft items map.png Spawn Location
SkyBlock items summoning ring.png Necromancy
SkyBlock icons checkmark.png Yes
SkyBlock items totem of corruption.png Corruptable
SkyBlock icons checkmark.png Yes
Loot Drops
The Water Hydra has come to test your strength.

The Water Hydra is a type of Sea Creature that can be fished up in any water source.


The [Lv100] Water Hydra can be fished from any water source, starting at Fishing level 19.


The default catch chance for the [Lv100] Water Hydra is 0.28%.

The catch chance is 0.22% on Jerry's Workshop. If the Fishing Festival is active this chance changes to 0.17%.

The catch chance is 0.25% in the Oasis, which is located on The Farming Islands. If the Fishing Festival is active this chance changes to 0.19%.


The [Lv100] Water Hydra run towards the player, dealing damage on hit. Upon reaching half health, a second Water Hydra will spawn with 50% of the maximum SkyBlock icons health.pngHealth of the first. Both mobs are able to drop all items from the loot table.


Minecraft items diamond sword.png Loot Calculator
SkyBlock icons magic find.pngMagic Find
SkyBlock icons pet luck.pngPet Luck
[Lv100] SkyBlock sprite entities water hydra.png Water Hydra
Minecraft items fishing rod.png Fishing XP 4,050
SkyBlock items coin iron.png Coins 1
Minecraft sprite entity experience-orb.png Experience Orbs 1
Item Loot Rarity Amount Chance
Minecraft items tropical fish.png Clownfish Common 1 100%
Minecraft items pufferfish.png Pufferfish Common 1 100%
Minecraft items raw cod.png Raw Fish Common 10 100%
Minecraft items raw salmon.png Raw Salmon Common 1 100%
Minecraft items sponge.png Sponge Common 3
Minecraft items lily pad.png Lily Pad Common 10
SkyBlock items fish affinity talisman.png Fish Affinity Talisman Uncommon 1 15%
SkyBlock items water hydra head.png Water Hydra Head Uncommon 1 7%
SkyBlock items enchanted book.gif Luck of the Sea VI Book Uncommon 1 3%
SkyBlock items enchanted raw fish.gif EPIC Fishing Exp Boost Legendary 1 0.02%


  • The name of the Water Hydra and its ability to split in two after taking enough damage are references to the Hydra in Greek mythology, which grows two additional heads each time one is severed.


Date Version Change
July 2nd, 2019 0.5 Water Hydra Added.