SkyBlock Time
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SkyBlock Time passes faster than time in the real world. It has a set conversion rate that allows all Events to cycle through different time zones, so all players from around the world can participate in them.

Conversion Table

The following is a conversion table that shows how SkyBlock Time converts to the time in the real world.

SkyBlock Time Real Life Time
1 Minute 0.83 seconds
10 Minutes 8.3 seconds
1 Hour 50 seconds
1 Day 20 minutes
1 Month 10 hours and 20 minutes
1 Season 1 day and 7 hours
1 Year 5 days and 4 hours


  • There are 372 days in a SkyBlock Year. Each month consists of 31 days.
  • The epoch starting SkyBlock Time is 1,560,275,700,000, which converts to Tuesday, June 11th, 2019, at 10:55:00 AM GMT-07:00 DST.


Date Version Change
June 11th, 2019 SkyBlock Release SkyBlock Time Added.