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Sacks are items used to store a specific amount of items while held in the player's inventory or the Sack of Sacks. Players can right-click on the Sack or right-click with it in their hand to open a menu where they can collect or store items in the stack. Most Sacks also have an enchanted version which functions the same as a normal Sack but stores the enchanted form of its items.

If a player has multiple of the same Sack, the capacity of both of those Sacks will be added together.

Sacks are unable to be sold on the Auction House, sold to NPCs, while Trading with other players, put inside Backpacks, or put inside a player's Ender Chest.

Lastly, the Bazaar has a function where items in Sacks can be instantly sold without having to take them out. Unfortunately, Sacks cannot be instantly sold to NPC shops.


When a players right-clicks on a Sack in their inventory or with it in their hand, it opens a menu to store or remove items from the Sack. For example, the menu for the Agronomy Sack is displayed below.


Most Sacks follow the capacities displayed below.

Size Maximum
Small 640
Medium 2,240
Large/Enchanted 20,160

Certain Sacks such as the Dungeon Sack, Spooky Sack, Rune Sack, Winter Sack, and Gemstone Sack do not have the same capacity.


Icon Type Items Obtaining
SkyBlock items small agronomy sack.png Agronomy Sack Wheat, Seeds, Carrot, Potato, Pumpkin, Melon, Red Mushroom, Brown Mushroom,
Cocoa Beans, Cactus, Sugar Cane, Nether Wart
Wheat Collection
SkyBlock items small husbandry sack.png Husbandry Sack Feather, Leather, Raw Porkchop, Raw Chicken, Mutton,
Raw Rabbit, Raw Beef, Rabbit Hide, Rabbit's Foot
Mutton Collection
SkyBlock items small mining sack.png Mining Sack Cobblestone, Coal, Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, Diamond, Lapis Lazuli,
Emerald, Redstone, Nether Quartz, Obsidian, Glowstone Dust, Gravel,
Ice, Netherrack, Sand, End Stone, Mithril, Hard Stone, Titanium, Treasurite, Starfall
Coal Collection
SkyBlock items small gemstone sack.png Gemstone Sack Jade Gemstones, Amber Gemstones, Topaz Gemstones, Sapphire Gemstones,
Amethyst Gemstones, Jasper Gemstones, Ruby Gemstones, Opal Gemstones
Gemstone Collection
SkyBlock items small combat sack.png Combat Sack Rotten Flesh, Bone, String, Spider Eye, Gunpowder, Ender Pearl,
Ghast Tear, Slimeball, Blaze Rod, Magma Cream
Rotten Flesh Collection
SkyBlock items small foraging sack.png Foraging Sack Oak Wood, Spruce Wood, Birch Wood, Dark Oak Wood, Acacia Wood, Jungle Wood,
Oak Sapling, Spruce Sapling, Birch Sapling, Dark Oak Sapling, Acacia Sapling, Jungle Sapling, Apple
Birch Wood Collection
SkyBlock items small fishing sack.png Fishing Sack Raw Fish, Raw Salmon, Clownfish, Pufferfish, Prismarine Shard,
Prismarine Crystals, Clay, Lily Pad, Ink Sack, Sponge
Pufferfish Collection
SkyBlock items small lava fishing sack.png Lava Fishing Sack Magmafish, Magma Cream, Coal, Blaze Powder, Netherrack, Lump Of Magma,
Moogma Pelt, Pyroclastic Scale, Cup Of Blood, Flaming Heart, Orb Of Energy, Horn Of Taurus
Magmafish Collection
SkyBlock items small nether sack.png Nether Sack Sulphur, Red Sand, Mycelium, Ectoplasm, Netherrack, Magma Cream, Blaze Rod, Ghast Tear, Nether Quartz, Glowstone Dust, Nether Wart, Spectre Dust, Blaze Ashes, Mutated Blaze Ashes, Wither Soul, Magma Chunk, Bezos, Burning Eye, Tentacle Meat, Digested Mushrooms, Kada Lead, Magmag, Gazing Pearl, Leather Cloth, Spell Powder, Compact Ooze, Lumino Fiber, Hallowed Skull, Corrupted Fragment Sulphur Collection
SkyBlock items large dungeon sack.png Dungeon Sack Spirit Leap, Trap, Inflatable Jerry, Decoy Bits Shop
SkyBlock items rune sack.png Rune Sack Runes Bits Shop
SkyBlock items small slayer sack.png Slayer Sack Derelict Ashe, Null Sphere, Revenant Flesh, Tarantula Web, Wolf Tooth Slayer
SkyBlock items large candy sack.png Spooky Sack Green Candy, Purple Candy, Pumpkin Guts, Ectoplasm, Werewolf Skin 32 Pumpkin Guts,
and 1 Trick Or Treat Bag
SkyBlock items large winter sack.png Winter Sack White Gift, Green Gift, Red Gift, Snow Block, Enchanted Snow Block, Snowball,
Ice, Enchanted Ice, Packed Ice, Enchanted Packed Ice, Hunk Of Ice, Hunk Of Blue Ice
Sherry, Red Gift


Date Version Change
June 7th, 2020 0.7.10 Agronomy Sacks, Husbandry Sacks, Mining Sacks, Combat Sacks, Foraging Sacks, Fishing Sacks and Slayer Sack Added.
September 8th, 2020 0.9 Added 5 upgrade slots to the Sack Of Sacks.
October 2nd, 2020 0.9.5 Fixed Replenish not fetching items from your Sacks.
Dungeon Sack Added.
October 30th, 2020 0.9.9 Candy Sack Added.
February 16th, 2021 0.11.1 Rune Sack Added.
March 9th, 2021 0.11.2 Added Enchanted Sacks for all first tier enchanted items.
April 21st, 2021 0.11.4 Winter Sack Added.
Added the ability to pick up a stack from Sacks by right-clicking on the item.
Renamed Candy Sack to Spooky Sack and added Pumpkin Guts, Ectoplasm and Werewolf Skin to it.
Added Raw Beef, Rabbit Hide and Rabbit's Foot to Husbandry Sacks.
Added Brown Mushroom to Agronomy Sacks.
May 31st, 2021 0.11.5 Added Null Sphere to Slayer Sacks.
July 14th, 2021 Crystal Hollows Release Gemstone Sacks Added.
Added Hard Stone and Enchanted Hard Stone to Mining Sacks.
April 20th, 2022 Crimson Isle Release Lava Fishing Sacks and Nether Sacks Added.