Rock Candy
SkyBlock items rock candy.png
Category Power Stone
Power Sweet
NPC Sell Price 770 Coins
Requirements Combat XV
SkyBlock icons checkmark.png Yes
SkyBlock icons checkmark.png Yes
SkyBlock sprite npcs auction master.png Auctionable
SkyBlock icons x.png No
Minecraft items anvil.png Reforgeable
SkyBlock icons x.png No
Minecraft items enchantment table.png Enchantable
SkyBlock icons x.png No
SkyBlock sprite npcs madame eleanor q goldsworth iii.png Museum
SkyBlock icons x.png No
SkyBlock sprite npcs bazaar.png Bazaar
SkyBlock icons checkmark.png Yes

The Rock Candy is an UNCOMMON Power Stone that unlocks the Sweet Power for your Accessory Bag.


The Rock Candy has a 2.08%Exactly 1/48 chance to drop from Trick or Treat chests throughout the Spooky Festival.


9 Rock Candies are used to unlock the Sweet Power for the Accessory Bag. This requires Combat XV.

Info Power Bonus 250 Magical Power 500 Magical Power 750 Magical Power 1,000 Magical Power
Stats +5 ✦ SPD 146 ❤ HP
104 ❈ DEF
12 ✦ SPD
279 ❤ HP
199 ❈ DEF
22 ✦ SPD
392 ❤ HP
280 ❈ DEF
31 ✦ SPD
489 ❤ HP
349 ❈ DEF
39 ✦ SPD


Date Version Change
October 30th, 2020 0.9.9 Rock Candy Added.
Item rarity adjusted from UNCOMMON to RARE.
August 13th, 2021 Minor Patch All Reforge Stones can now be sold to NPC.
April 20th, 2022 Crimson Isle Release Rarity changed from RARE to UNCOMMON.
Item type changed from Reforge Stone to Power Stone.
Rock Candy added to the Bazaar.