Master Stars
SkyBlock icons x.png No
SkyBlock icons checkmark.png Yes
SkyBlock sprite npcs auction master.png Auctionable
SkyBlock icons checkmark.png Yes
Minecraft items anvil.png Reforgeable
SkyBlock icons x.png No
Minecraft items enchantment table.png Enchantable
SkyBlock icons x.png No
SkyBlock sprite npcs madame eleanor q goldsworth iii.png Museum
SkyBlock icons x.png No

Master Stars are Dungeon Items that can add additional stars to Dungeon Weapons increasing their stats by 5% (each) in Master Mode. The stars that are added will be shown in red (the normal stars that are added using Essence are shown in gold )


Master Stars are drops from Dungeon Reward Chests on Master Catacombs Floors 3-7.


Master Stars can be applied onto Dungeon Weapons in Anvil by using experience levels, which changes the color of the existing normal star () to a red one . Each Master Star grants an additional 5% Stat boost to the item in Master Mode.

Star Additional Stat Boost (in Master Mode) Experience Levels To Apply
First 5% 300
Second 10% 350
Third 15% 400
Fourth 20% 450
Fifth 25% 500


Date Version Change
April 22nd, 2021 Minor Patch Master Stars Added.