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Jerry Pond
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Category Zone
Requirements None
SkyBlock sprite npcs player jerry.png Occupants
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Mob Drops


The Jerry Pond is a location on the Winter Island that consists of 2 frozen lakes where players can fish. However, Ice needs to be cleared using a pickaxe or an Auger Rod in order to fish. Terry, an NPC that resides in this location, can apply the Salty Reforge on fishing rods for 64 Hunks Of Ice.


This location is primarily used by players to fish for unique sea creatures that can only be caught in this area.

Sea Creatures

Frozen Steve
Frosty The Snowman

Sea Creature Drops

Minecraft items snowball.png Snowball
Minecraft items snow block.png Snow Block
Minecraft items ice.png Ice
Minecraft items ice.png Enchanted Ice
Minecraft items packed ice.png Enchanted Packed Ice
SkyBlock items enchanted cooked salmon.gif Flake the Fish
SkyBlock items ice hunk.png Hunk Of Ice
SkyBlock items blue ice hunk.png Hunk Of Blue Ice
Minecraft items ice.png Hilt Of True Ice
SkyBlock pets baby yeti.png Baby Yeti Pet


Date Version Change
December 17th, 2019 0.7.5 Jerry Pond added.