Ice Walker
SkyBlock armor galcite.png
Stats 888 SkyBlock icons health.pngHealth
500 SkyBlock icons strength.pngDamage
Type Mob
Skill XP 40 Minecraft items stone sword.png Combat XP
Coins None
EXP Orbs None
Mob Attributes
Entity Type
SkyBlock sprite npcs steve.png Player
Minecraft items map.png Spawn Location
Great Ice Wall
SkyBlock items summoning ring.png Necromancy
SkyBlock icons checkmark.png Yes
SkyBlock items totem of corruption.png Corruptable
SkyBlock icons checkmark.png Yes
Loot Drops

Ice Walker is a type of Mob that can be found in the Dwarven Mines. They are intended to be used to obtain Glacite Armor and Glacite Jewel.


The [Lv45] Ice Walker can be found throughout the Dwarven Mines in the Great Ice Wall.


Minecraft items diamond sword.png Loot Calculator
SkyBlock icons magic find.pngMagic Find
SkyBlock icons pet luck.pngPet Luck
[Lv45] Minecraft sprite block ice.png Ice Walker
Minecraft items stone sword.png Combat XP 40
SkyBlock items coin iron.png Coins 0
Minecraft sprite entity experience-orb.png Experience Orbs 0
Item Loot Rarity Amount Chance
SkyBlock items glacite jewel.png Glacite Jewel Rare 1 0.5%
Minecraft items ice.png Glacite Helmet Rare 1 0.25%
Minecraft items leather chestplate light blue.png Glacite Chestplate Rare 1 0.25%
Minecraft items leather leggings light blue.png Glacite Leggings Rare 1 0.25%
Minecraft items leather boots light blue.png Glacite Boots Rare 1 0.25%


Ice Walkers are susceptible to pickaxes.


Date Version Change
January 15th, 2021 Dwarven Mines Release Ice Walker Added.