Great White Shark
SkyBlock npcs great white shark.png
Stats 1,500,000 SkyBlock icons health.pngHealth
750 SkyBlock icons strength.pngDamage
Type Sea Creature
Skill XP 2,025 Minecraft items fishing rod.png Fishing XP
Coins 40 Coins
EXP Orbs 160 Minecraft sprite entity experience-orb.png EXP Orbs
Base Catch Chance
Mob Attributes
Entity Type
SkyBlock sprite npcs steve.png Player
Minecraft items map.png Spawn Location
SkyBlock items summoning ring.png Necromancy
SkyBlock icons checkmark.png Yes
SkyBlock items totem of corruption.png Corruptable
SkyBlock icons checkmark.png Yes
Loot Drops
Hide no longer, a Great White Shark has tracked your scent and thirsts for your blood!

The Great White Shark is a special type of Sea Creature that can be fished up during the Fishing Festival in all ponds.


The [Lv180] Great White Shark can be fished in all water pools during the Fishing Festival, starting at Fishing level 24.


The default catch chance for the [Lv180] Great White Shark is 2.14%.


Minecraft items diamond sword.png Loot Calculator
SkyBlock icons magic find.pngMagic Find
SkyBlock icons pet luck.pngPet Luck
[Lv180] SkyBlock sprite npcs great white shark.png Great White Shark
Minecraft items fishing rod.png Fishing XP 2,025
SkyBlock items coin iron.png Coins 40
Minecraft sprite entity experience-orb.png Experience Orbs 160
Item Loot Rarity Amount Chance
Minecraft items prismarine shard.png Shark Fin Common 16 100%
Minecraft items ghast tear.png Great White Shark Tooth Uncommon 1 10%
SkyBlock pets megalodon.png LEGENDARY Megalodon Pet Rare 1 1%


Date Version Change
September 8th, 2020 0.9 Great White Shark Added.