Experience, also know as EXP or XP, is a vanilla Minecraft mechanic used to enchant items.


There are many ways to obtain experience such as:


Experience can be used to enchant items via the Enchantment Table or Anvil, experience can also be used to combine certain items in the Anvil.

Ways To Increase

Type Description
Enchanting Skill Gives +4% XP per level with a maximum of +240% at level 60.
Experience Potions Gives +5% XP per potion level with a maximum of +20%.
Experience Artifact Gives +25% XP.
Lapis Armor Gives +200% XP from mined ores.
Shimmering Light Armor Increases all experience orbs gained from monsters and ores by 200%.
Enchantments (Experience, Magnet, No Pain No Gain) Experience - Gives the chance for mobs and ores to drop double the experience by +12.5% XP per level with a maximum of +50%.
Magnet - Gives +1 XP orb (per level with a maximum of 6) per fish caught.
No Pain No Gain - At tier V, Gives you 20% chance to gain experience orbs every time you take hits from mobs.
Brews (Bitter Ice Tea, Viking's Tear) Bitter Ice Tea - Buffs the experience values of potions by +20%.
Viking's Tear - Gain +20% experience orbs.
Magnetic Reforge Gain 10%-26% extra experience when mining.
Orbiter Chance to find more experience orbs when mining ores.
Bestiary Tiers For every level of a Mob collection, you will unlock +20% chance for extra experience orbs.


Date Version Change
June 11th, 2019 SkyBlock Release Experience Added.