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SkyBlock icons strength.pngDamage is one of the most important aspects of SkyBlock when it comes to anything related to Combat. It can be thought of as either the SkyBlock icons strength.pngDamage stat on a given item, or the "final damage" dealt upon attacking a mob, whether that be by hitting it or using an item ability.

Types Of Damage

There are many different types of damage that can be increased or decreased through various methods.

Type Information Methods of Decreasing / Stopping Methods of Increasing / Dealing
Normal A typical melee or ranged attack from a player or enemy. Increasing SkyBlock icons defense.pngDefense Described Below
Magic A special type of attack, typically from an Item Ability. Increasing SkyBlock icons defense.pngDefense Increasing SkyBlock icons ability damage.pngAbility Damage, SkyBlock icons crit damage.pngCrit Damage, SkyBlock icons intelligence.pngIntelligence, and using stronger item abilities
True A type of damage that ignores the victim's SkyBlock icons defense.pngDefense. Increasing SkyBlock icons true defense.pngTrue Defense Described Below
Fall A type of damage that results from falling from a high distance. SkyBlock items enchanted book.gif Feather Falling
SkyBlock items feather talisman.png Feather Talisman
SkyBlock items feather ring.png Feather Ring
SkyBlock items feather artifact.png Feather Artifact
Fire / Lava A type of damage from either standing in lava or being on fire. Deals ❂ True Damage. Increasing ❂ True Defense
SkyBlock items enchanted book.gif Fire Protection
SkyBlock armor blaze.png Blaze Armor
SkyBlock armor ember.png Ember Armor
SkyBlock armor frozenblaze.png Frozen Blaze Armor
SkyBlock items enchanted book.gif Fire Aspect
Poison A type of damage that results from being poisoned with the poison effect. SkyBlock items vaccine talisman.png Vaccine Talisman Minecraft items water bottle.png Poison Potion
Wither A type of damage that results from being withered with the wither effect. Minecraft items leather chestplate black.png Obsidian Chestplate

Damage Calculation

To see how damage is calculated, please refer to the Damage Calculation page, which goes very in depth into this topic.

Main Page: Damage Calculation

Increasing Damage

There are countless ways to increase your SkyBlock icons strength.pngDamage output while playing SkyBlock. Below you can find some general tips to do this.

Increasing Damage Related Stats

Increasing your damage-related stats is one of the most effective ways of increasing your SkyBlock icons strength.pngDamage output. These stats include:

  • SkyBlock icons strength.pngDamage - Represents your base damage dealt.
  • SkyBlock icons strength.pngStrength - Increases your damage by 1% per amount of SkyBlock icons strength.pngStrength.
  • SkyBlock icons crit chance.pngCrit Chance - Represents your percent chance to deal a critical hit.
  • SkyBlock icons crit damage.pngCrit Damage - Increases your damage by 1% per amount of SkyBlock icons crit damage.pngCrit Damage when dealing a critical hit.
  • SkyBlock icons ferocity.pngFerocity - Indicates the amount of hits that the enemy takes per attack.
  • SkyBlock icons bonus attack speed.pngBonus Attack Speed - Indicates the rate of your attacks.
  • SkyBlock icons ability damage.pngAbility Damage - Indicates the increase of damage dealt by the weapon's abilities.

Note that SkyBlock icons strength.pngStrength, SkyBlock icons crit chance.pngCrit Chance, SkyBlock icons crit damage.pngCrit Damage all have no impact on most abilities that deal damage, as the amount of damage they do is based on other factors such as SkyBlock icons intelligence.pngIntelligence, SkyBlock icons ability damage.pngAbility Damage, Base Ability Damage and Ability Scaling.

Every stat listed above has its own page that includes nearly every method possible to increase it. Nevertheless, here are some quick tips for increasing damage:

Damage Multipliers

Another arguably more effective way of increasing damage is by utilizing strong Damage Multipliers. These can be primarily be found in the form of Pet perks, Weapons abilities, and Armor bonuses.

Damage Multipliers can also be found in the form of Enchantments, but they definitely aren't the strongest of multipliers you can find.

You can find a list of every multiplier on the Damage Multiplier page, as well as more detail on how they work.

Main Page: Damage Multipliers


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