The Chicken Race is a Quest given by Gulliver to fly through a series of rings on a chicken at Jerry's Workshop, starting at (65, 106, 30).


When talking to Gulliver, you will start the quest to reach each checkpoint in a certain amount of time. Dismounting the chicken in any way, or failing to complete the race in time will reset the race, teleporting you back to the start. Upon reaching a checkpoint in time, you will be teleported back and have to talk to Gulliver to proceed. After each checkpoint reached on time, Gulliver will reward you with a different reward, listed below.

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Upon reaching a checkpoint, Gulliver will gift one of the items below, and challenge you to reach more rings, with added time.

Checkpoint Total Rings Time Reward Rarity
1 10 32 Seconds Red Gift RARE
2 17 52 Seconds Gift Compass UNCOMMON
3 23 1 Minute 7 Seconds Frozen Chicken RARE
4 32 1 Minute 42 Seconds Jingle Bells RARE


  • The chicken beside Gulliver will randomly drop an egg, and very rarely, will drop Cluck The Fish.
  • The Chicken Race was inspired by a seasonal Hypixel lobby game called Turbo Bat Racers, where the player races in a similar course on a bat.


Date Version Change
December 17th, 2019 0.7.5 Chicken Race Added.