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Bazaar Alley
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Bazaar is an NPC in the Bazaar Alley, that allows players to buy and sell resources and items from each other. Essentially, the SkyBlock Stock Market. To access it, the player needs level VII in Farming, Foraging and Mining Skills. The Bazaar can also be accessed through the commands /bz or /bazaar while you have the Cookie Buff active.


The Bazaar is split into 5 different sections, Farming, Mining, Combat, Woods & Fishes, and Oddities. Each section has different items that you can buy and sell. Some items can have more than one product, like Dragon Fragments (if you click on them, it will show all the different types of Fragments the Bazaar has available). There is also 2 modes, Direct and Advanced mode. In Direct mode you will see just the buy and sell price of the items, while in advanced mode you will see the number of instant buys, instant sells, buy orders and sell offers in the past 7 days.

When the player clicks on an item inside the menu, there will be a few different options to interact with its market, such as "Buy Instantly", "Sell Instantly", "Create Buy Order" and "Create Sell Offer".

  • Buy Instantly: Clicking on "Buy Instantly" will allow you to choose the desired amount of items. You can buy one, a stack, fill your inventory or a custom amount. You cannot instantly buy more than what your inventory can hold. The price Bazaar sells it to you at will depend on the current top sell offer for the item. Hence, if a Booster Cookie has a top sell offer of 2,025,194 Coins the instant buy will charge that amount per item.
  • Sell Instantly: Clicking on "Sell Instantly" will sell all of the item you clicked on in your inventory. If you right-click on the "Sell Instantly" button you can choose how much of the item you want to instantly sell. You can instantly sell a single item, a stack or all same items in your inventory. The price that you see will match the top "Buy Order". Hence, if the top buy order is 1,963,262 Coins, you will get that many Coins per item when you sell instantly.
  • Create Buy Order: Clicking on "Create Buy Order" will first ask the amount of the item you want. You can get either 64, 160, 1024 or a custom amount up to 71680. Once you choose the amount, you will be brought to the payment menu. You can first choose to pay the "same as the top buy order". Next option, is to increase the highest buy order by +0.1 Coins. You can do this to have your buy offer fill first. Moreover, you can pay "5% of the spread". The spread refers to the difference between the lowest "sell offer" and the highest "buy offer". The last option, is to make your own custom price.
  • Create Sell Offer: Clicking on "Create Sell Offer" - you can either right-click to set an amount you want to sell or left-click and sell all items of the same type. First option is to sell at the same price as the highest offer. Next is to undercut the lowest sell offer by -0.1 Coins. You can do this to have your sell offer fill first. Next, you can sell for "10% of the spread". The spread refers to the difference between the lowest "sell offer" and the highest "buy offer". The last option is to make your own custom price.

List of items sold

Category Items
Minecraft items wheat.png Wheat & Seeds

Enchanted Bread
Hay Bale
Enchanted Hay Bale
Tightly Tied Hay Bale
Enchanted Seeds

Minecraft items carrot.png Carrot

Enchanted Carrot
Enchanted Carrot on a Stick
Enchanted Golden Carrot

Minecraft items potato.png Potato

Enchanted Potato
Enchanted Baked Potato

Minecraft items carved pumpkin.png Pumpkin

Enchanted Pumpkin
Polished Pumpkin

Minecraft items melon slice.png Melon

Enchanted Melon
Enchanted Glistering Melon
Enchanted Melon Block

Minecraft items red mushroom.png Mushrooms

Red Mushroom
Enchanted Red Mushroom
Red Mushroom Block
Enchanted Red Mushroom Block
Brown Mushroom
Enchanted Brown Mushroom
Brown Mushroom Block
Enchanted Brown Mushroom Block

Minecraft items cocoa beans.png Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans
Enchanted Cocoa Bean
Enchanted Cookie

Minecraft items cactus.png Cactus

Enchanted Cactus Green
Enchanted Cactus

Minecraft items sugar cane.png Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane
Enchanted Sugar
Enchanted Paper
Enchanted Sugar

Minecraft items leather.png Leather & Beef

Enchanted Leather
Raw Beef
Enchanted Raw Beef

Minecraft items raw porkchop.png Pork

Raw Porkchop
Enchanted Pork
Enchanted Grilled Pork

Minecraft items raw chicken.png Chicken & Feather

Raw Chicken
Enchanted Raw Chicken
Enchanted Egg
Enchanted Cake
Super Enchanted Egg
Enchanted Feather

Minecraft items raw mutton.png Mutton

Enchanted Mutton
Enchanted Cooked Mutton

Minecraft items raw rabbit.png Rabbit

Raw Rabbit
Enchanted Raw Rabbit
Rabbit's Foot
Enchanted Rabbit Foot
Enchanted Rabbit Hide

Minecraft items nether wart.png Nether Warts

Nether Wart
Enchanted Nether Wart
Mutant Nether Wart

Category Items
Minecraft items cobblestone.png Cobblestone

Enchanted Cobblestone

Minecraft items coal.png Coal

Enchanted Coal
Enchanted Charcoal
Enchanted Block Of Coal

Minecraft items iron ingot.png Iron

Iron Ingot
Enchanted Iron
Enchanted Iron Block

Minecraft items gold ingot.png Gold

Gold Ingot
Enchanted Gold
Enchanted Gold Block

Minecraft items diamond.png Diamond

Enchanted Diamond
Enchanted Diamond Block
Refined Diamond

Minecraft items lapis lazuli.png Lapis

Lapis Lazuli
Enchanted Lapis Lazuli
Enchanted Lapis Block

SkyBlock items rough jade gem.png Gemstones

Rough Jade Gemstone
Rough Amber Gemstone
Rough Topaz Gemstone
Rough Sapphire Gemstone
Rough Amethyst Gemstone
Rough Jasper Gemstone
Rough Ruby Gemstone
Flawed Jade Gemstone
Flawed Amber Gemstone
Flawed Topaz Gemstone
Flawed Sapphire Gemstone
Flawed Amethyst Gemstone
Flawed Jasper Gemstone
Flawed Ruby Gemstone
Fine Jade Gemstone
Fine Amber Gemstone
Fine Topaz Gemstone
Fine Sapphire Gemstone
Fine Amethyst Gemstone
Fine Jasper Gemstone
Fine Ruby Gemstone
Flawless Jade Gemstone
Flawless Amber Gemstone
Flawless Topaz Gemstone
Flawless Sapphire Gemstone
Flawless Amethyst Gemstone
Flawless Jasper Gemstone
Flawless Ruby Gemstone
Perfect Jade Gemstone
Perfect Amber Gemstone
Perfect Topaz Gemstone
Perfect Sapphire Gemstone
Perfect Amethyst Gemstone
Perfect Jasper Gemstone
Perfect Ruby Gemstone

Minecraft items emerald.png Emerald

Enchanted Emerald
Enchanted Emerald Block

Minecraft items redstone dust.png Redstone

Enchanted Redstone
Enchanted Redstone Block

Minecraft items nether quartz.png Nether Quartz

Nether Quartz
Enchanted Quartz
Enchanted Quartz Block

Minecraft items obsidian.png Obsidian

Enchanted Obsidian

Minecraft items glowstone dust.png Glowstone

Glowstone Dust
Enchanted Glowstone Dust
Enchanted Glowstone
Enchanted Redstone Lamp

Minecraft items flint.png Flint & Gravel

Enchanted Flint

Minecraft items stone.png Hard Stone

Hard Stone
Enchanted Hard Stone
Concentrated Stone

Minecraft items ice.png Ice

Packed Ice
Enchanted Ice
Enchanted Packed Ice

Minecraft items netherrack.png Netherrack

Enchanted Netherrack

Minecraft items sand.png Sand

Enchanted Sand

Minecraft items end stone.png End Stone

End Stone
Enchanted End Stone

Minecraft items snowball.png Show

Snow Block
Enchanted Snow Block

Minecraft items prismarine crystals.png Dwarven Materials

Enchanted Mithril
Refined Mithril
Enchanted Titanium
Refined Titanium

Category Items
Minecraft items rotten flesh.png Rotten Flesh

Rotten Flesh
Enchanted Rotten Flesh

Minecraft items bone.png Bone

Enchanted Bone
Enchanted Bone Block

Minecraft items string.png String

Enchanted String

Minecraft items spider eye.png Spider Eye

Spider Eye
Enchanted Spider Eye
Enchanted Fermented Spider Eye

Minecraft items gunpowder.png Gunpowder

Enchanted Gunpowder
Enchanted Firework Rocket

Minecraft items ender pearl.png Ender Pearl

Ender Pearl
Enchanted Ender Pearl
Enchanted Eye of Ender
Absolute Ender Pearl

Minecraft items ghast tear.png Ghast Tear

Ghast Tear
Enchanted Ghast Tear

Minecraft items slimeball.png Slime Ball

Enchanted Slimeball
Enchanted Slime Block
Magma Cream
Enchanted Magma Cream
Sludge Juice

Minecraft items blaze rod.png Blaze Rod

Blaze Rod
Enchanted Blaze Powder
Enchanted Blaze Rod

Minecraft items feather.png Mythological

Griffin Feather
Daedalus Stick
Ancient Claw
Enchanted Ancient Claw

SkyBlock items enchanted rotten flesh.gif Revenant Horror

Revenant Flesh
Revenant Viscera

SkyBlock items enchanted string.gif Tarantula Broodfather

Tarantula Web
Tarantula Silk

SkyBlock items enchanted ghast tear.gif Sven Packmaster

Wolf Tooth
Golden Tooth

SkyBlock items enchanted firework star.gif Voidgloom Seraph

Null Sphere
Null Ovoid
Null Atom
Raw Soulflow

Category Items
Minecraft items oak log.png Oak

Oak Wood
Enchanted Oak Wood

Minecraft items spruce log.png Spruce

Spruce Wood
Enchanted Spruce Wood

Minecraft items birch log.png Birch

Birch Wood
Enchanted Birch Wood

Minecraft items dark oak log.png Dark Oak

Dark Oak Wood
Enchanted Dark Oak Wood

Minecraft items acacia log.png Acacia

Acacia Wood
Enchanted Acacia Wood

Minecraft items jungle log.png Jungle

Jungle Wood
Enchanted Jungle Wood

Minecraft items raw cod.png Raw Fish

Raw Fish
Enchanted Raw Fish
Enchanted Cooked Fish

Minecraft items raw salmon.png Salmon

Raw Salmon
Enchanted Raw Salmon
Enchanted Cooked Salmon

Minecraft items tropical fish.png Clownfish

Enchanted Clownfish

Minecraft items pufferfish.png Pufferfish

Enchanted Pufferfish

Minecraft items prismarine shard.png Prismarine Shard

Prismarine Shard
Enchanted Prismarine Shard

Minecraft items prismarine crystals.png Prismarine Crystals

Prismarine Crystals
Enchanted Prismarine Crystals

Minecraft items clay ball.png Clay

Enchanted Clay

Minecraft items lily pad.png Lily Pad

Lily Pad
Enchanted Lily Pad

Minecraft items ink sac.png Ink

Ink Sack
Enchanted Ink Sack

Minecraft items sponge.png Sponge

Enchanted Sponge
Enchanted Wet Sponge

SkyBlock items carrot bait.png Baits

Carrot Bait
Minnow Bait
Fish Bait
Light Bait
Dark Bait
Spooky Bait
Spiked Bait
Blessed Bait
Ice Bait
Whale Bait
Shark Bait

Minecraft items ghast tear.png Fishing Festival Items

Nurse Shark Tooth
Blue Shark Tooth
Tiger Shark Tooth
Great White Shark Tooth
Shark Fin
Enchanted Shark Fin

Category Items
Minecraft items cookie.png Booster Cookie

Booster Cookie

Minecraft items book.png Hot Potato Book

Hot Potato Book
Fuming Potato Book

Minecraft items dropper.png Compactor

Dwarven Super Compactor
Super Compactor 3000

SkyBlock items summoning eye.png Summoning Eye

Summoning Eye

SkyBlock items protector fragment.png Dragon Fragments

Protector Dragon Fragment
Old Dragon Fragment
Unstable Dragon Fragment
Strong Dragon Fragment
Young Dragon Fragment
Wise Dragon Fragment
Superior Dragon Fragment
Holy Dragon Fragment

Minecraft items lava bucket.png Fuels

Enchanted Lava Bucket
Magma Bucket
Plasma Bucket
Hamster Wheel
Foul Flesh
Hyper Catalyst
Power Crystal

SkyBlock items green candy.png Spooky

Green Candy
Purple Candy
Pumpkin Guts
Spooky Shard
Werewolf Skin
Soul Fragment

SkyBlock items white gift.png Gifts

White Gift
Green Gift
Red Gift

SkyBlock items jerry box green.png Jerry Boxes

Green Jerry Box
Blue Jerry Box
Purple Jerry Box
Golden Jerry Box

Minecraft items light blue dye.png Refined Mineral

Refined Mineral

SkyBlock items recombobulator 3000.png Recombobulator

Recombobulator 3000

Minecraft items name tag.png Jacob's Ticket

Jacob's Ticket

Minecraft items exp bottle.png EXP Bottles

Experience Bottle
Grand Experience Bottle
Titanic Experience Bottle
Colossal Experience Bottle

Minecraft items paper.png Stock of Stonks

Stock of Stonks


  • Before release, a small list of players were able to test Bazaar's ability to be used by a larger playerbase, so that it would not crash.
  • Bazaar has an assistant named Bazaar Agent located in the Bazaar Alley at -39 70 -79.
  • If you have an iron man profile you can use the Bazaar to trade cookies so that iron man players can experience the perks as well.


Date Version Change
March 10th, 2020 0.7.7 Bazaar added, allowing players to trade large quantities of resources and oddities with each other.
March 11th, 2020 Minor Patch API support for the Bazaar added.
The 'Manage Orders' menu now extends if there are many orders.
Added a toggleable setting to have chat notifications of Bazaar orders being filled.
Selling your entire inventory now comes with a confirmation request.
Players are now alerted if what they are selling is below the NPC price.
Large orders can now be cancelled. This may push items to the material stash if all of them cannot fit.
Added more items to the Bazaar (Enchanted Raw Rabbit, Snow Block (+derivatives), Super Enchanted Eggs, Enchanted Packed Ice, Brown Mushrooms (+derivatives), beef derivatives).
April 3rd, 2020 Minor Patch More items added to the Bazaar (Hay Bales (+derivatives), Enchanted Seeds, Enchanted Sand, Enchanted Red /Brown Mushrooms, Enchanted Wet Sponge, Enchanted Firework Rockets, various fuels, and dragon fragments).
May 19th, 2020 Minor Patch Bazaar products can no longer be traded on the Auction House.
June 7th, 2020 0.7.10 Players can now sell items from sacks directly to the Bazaar.
November 6th, 2020 0.9.11 Jacob's Tickets added to the Bazaar under 'Oddities'.
Reshuffled the Bazaar items around.
December 3rd, 2020 Minor Patch The Tightly Tied Hay Bale, Mutant Nether Wart, and Polished Pumpkin items have been added to the Bazaar.
January 26th, 2021 Minor Patch The Enchanted Mithril, and Enchanted Titanium items have been added to the Bazaar.
March 9th, 2021 0.11.2 Improved 'sub-systems' of the Bazaar.
April 21st, 2021 0.11.4 The Bazaar is now compatible with currency suffixes.
Players on Ironman-type profiles can now buy Booster Cookies (using the same market as players on normal profiles) via a Special Bazaar.
April 22nd, 2021 Minor Patch Ironman players can no longer access the Bazaar while inside of Dungeons.
Players can no longer access the Bazaar while as a spectator/ghost inside of Dungeons.