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Ancient Pig
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The Ancient Pig was an event that took place after the Resistance Movement between April 16th, 2021 and May 9th, 2021.

Event Details

The Ancient Pig was an event that involved players using Shiny Orbs to bring Shiny Pigs to the Blood Shrine, which granted them loot and a 1/20,000,000Exactly 0.000005% chance of obtaining a Shiny Orb.

Once 7 shiny orbs were found, the Ancient Pig was activated, granting various global buffs throughout SkyBlock every 20 minutes for 2 real life days straight. All players could also claim a free Flying Pig item.


Name Effect
Fairy Soul Infusion Buffs all stats by 50% for 60s every time a Fairy Soul is clicked.
Thunder A storm has begun bringing along rare empowered mobs!
Double Mob Drops All drops from Mobs are doubled!
Double Pet Stats All stats received from Pets are doubled!
Increased Runic Chance Increases the chance for runic monsters to spawn by 5x!
Mining Experience Increases Mining experience earned by +25%!
Foraging Experience Increases Foraging experience earned by +25%!
Farming Experience Increases Farming experience earned by +25%!
Fishing Experience Increases Fishing experience earned by +25%!
Combat Experience Increases Combat experience earned by +25%!


The Ancient Pig was activated through players bringing Shiny Pigs to the Blood Shrine. Upon doing so, the player would receive one of the following rewards:

Drop Loot Rarity Drop Chance
1,000 Random Skill EXP Uncommon 23.58%
3,000 Coins Uncommon 23.58%
7,777 Coins Uncommon 14.15%
10,000 Coins Uncommon 5.9%
25,000 Coins Uncommon 1.77%
50,000 Coins Rare 0.71%
1,000,000 Coins Legendary 0.04%
SkyBlock items enchanted potato.gif 32 Enchanted Potatoes Uncommon 11.79%
SkyBlock items enchanted porkchop.gif 8 Enchanted Pork Uncommon 5.9%
Minecraft items exp bottle.png 3 Grand Experience Bottles Uncommon 5.9%
Minecraft items book.png Farming For Dummies Uncommon 3.54%
SkyBlock items potato spreading.png Potato Spreading Uncommon 1.18%
Minecraft items enchanted book.png Harvesting VI Book Uncommon 1.18%
Minecraft items book.png Hot Potato Book Rare 0.59%
SkyBlock items shiny shard.png Shiny Shard Rare 0.18%
SkyBlock items potato talisman.png Potato Talisman Legendary 0.2%
SkyBlock items shiny relic.png Shiny Relic RNGesus 0.000005%

While the Ancient Pig was activated, the Thunder perk had a chance to be selected, which spawned the following mobs:

Mob Item Loot Rarity Drop Chance
Minecraft entities creeper.png Charged Creeper SkyBlock items enchanted gunpowder.gif Enchanted Gunpowder Common 100% chance for 1
Minecraft entities skeleton horse.png Skeleton Horseman SkyBlock items enchanted bone.gif Enchanted Bone Common 50% chance for 128
50% chance for 64


Not Activated


  • The 7 Pig Relics have been found, therefore I am.
  • People call me the Ancient Pig, and I bring good fortune in the land.
  • A random effect will appear every 20 minutes for the next 2 days.
  • The current effect is <effect>.


Date Version Change
April 16th, 2021 Minor Patch Blood Shrine Added.
May 7th, 2021 Minor Patch Ancient Pig activated.
May 9th, 2021 Minor Patch Ancient Pig de-activated.
June 5th, 2021 Minor Patch Blood Shrine Removed.