Minecraft items grass block.png Alpha Items was substantially changed or deleted. This article is preserved for historical reasons.
Alpha Items
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Category Special

Alpha Items are test items made specifically for use on the Alpha Hypixel Network in order to test new features and content. They are not and never were designed to exist on the Main Network.

Alpha Rewards

These Special Items were given as trophies to players who participated in various alpha tests.

Lore Item Name Description
French Bread Unlocked by defeating Bonzo or Scarf during The Catacombs alpha test. Obtainable at your local Jerry.
Alpha Pick Unlocked to all players who participated in the Crystal Hollows alpha test. Obtainable at your local Jerry.

Alpha Test Items

These items do not exist on the main network, as they were created with the sole purpose of testing various updates and features on the alpha network. This section exists for historical purposes.

These items were created to allow players to test the new Equipment system on the alpha network, they were never intended to be released on the main network. Players could purchase these items for various amounts of Coins from Mino, who was located in front of a blue wagon by the event stand in the Hub.

Lore Item Name Cost Equipment Type
Amazing Necklace 1 Coin Necklace
Apprentice Loggers Belt 1 Coin Belt
Badly Designed Belt 1 Coin Belt
Black Karate Belt 1 Coin Belt
Old Boxing Gloves 1 Coin Gloves
Broken Fob Watch 1,337 Coins Necklace
Cloak of Levitation 1 Coin Cloak
Cloak of Speed 1 Coin Cloak
Cloak of the Alchemist 1 Coin Cloak
Dimensional Cloak 1,000,000,000 Coins Cloak
Melody's Necklace 1 Coin Necklace
Midas' Gloves 1 Coin Gloves
Necklace of the Stars 100,000,000 Coins Necklace
One Hit Necklace 1,000,000 Coins Necklace
Placebo Bracelet 2 Coins Bracelet
Raging Fists 1 Coin Gloves
Red Table Cloth 5 Coins Cloak
Weighted Belt 1 Coin Belt
Bracelet of Rage 1 Coin Bracelet
Nerdy Bracelet 99,999,999,999 Coins Bracelet


  • Some members of SkyBlock Nerds were asked to design these items for the then-upcoming alpha test.